Natural bamboo wall lamp with double width curved design and rod structure. Its elegant material and style make it suitable for different environments. You can use it in the bedroom on the side of the bed, if you want to use the space or in the entrance, porch,...
Wall light manufactured in natural bamboo with a lantern shape and a natural wood support to fix it to the wall. However simple, this wall lamp stands out with its exotic air, as well as giving a warm lighting.

In Ofelia Home & Decor we understand wall lamps as the functional way to bring the proper touch of light to the rooms of your home, using the walls and keeping the passing areas and other surfaces free. Our wall lamps are designed to create unique and intimate atmospheres and to provide the focus that your walls may deserve. In Ofelia we created a selection of wall lamps made with natural materials such as bamboo or rattan, which will help you to reduce the excess of direct light and to illuminate key points of your home in a more relaxing way. Decide which walls and where in your rooms you need an extra point of light. You will be surprised by the visual result of placing wall lamps on a long hallway, the harmony that our wall lamps will bring to your living room, perfect both to illuminate your hallway and to soften the light in your bedroom as a bedside table light on the wall.
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