Refresh your summer with lemonade and this table decor

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a refreshing lemonade, sangria or juice. Lupe Herrera tells us how to enjoy this drink full of freshness, vibrant colours and unique details. The best thing is that it is very easy to elaborate and share, because with a few tableware items, you can create your own lemonade bar.


Magliana sun lounger… The star piece for this summer

In summer, it’s time to rest and at Ofelia, we have many ideas for you to do it in comfort and style. In the garden, in an inner courtyard... Yes, always with my Magliana rattan lounger; the true queen of relaxation. Discover it now!


With this table decor,thos summer you will want to have dinner in your garden everyday

Summer is a great time of year to receive visitors on the terrace or garden. It is the perfect season to prepare simple and lively dishes. For the table decoration, on this occasion, Lupe Herrera recommends to us, a palette of fresh colours and light fabrics.


Garden seating for a summer of pure design

You were looking forward to finally enjoying your garden, weren’t you? At Ofelia, we have it clear. We have two outdoor seating models, perfect for a relaxing and super attractive summer. Which one do you prefer?


Enhance the look of your outdoor space with OFELIA Home & Decor

It’s summer and it’s time to create unforgettable memories... Get your terrace, patio or garden ready with the best outdoor furniture, let creativity enter into your plans and bet on the exclusivity of our designs.


Textiles... great allies in your decoration

Take this opportunity to give a change to your home decor this season. Our decorative cushions and cotton quilts will be your best asset if you want to renew your rooms and make your house get into summer vibe.


Let’s go on a picnic! The perfect plan for an unforgettable day in the open air

In the month of flowers, we could not miss the opportunity to enjoy a delicious picnic in nature. This time, Lupe Herrera shows us how a beautiful and simple table decoration can perfectly fit a picnic. Find out how you can prepare yours.


It’s time to bloom... and to decorate with flowers

I think everything is possible in May, and you? It’s time for callas, lilies and azaleas. At Ofelia, we enjoy nature in its greatest moment and celebrate the month of flowers. We want to get inspired by the environment and our home smells like spring. Do you want to know how?


A table decoration adorned with care and passion

At Ofelia, we love table decorations, and more if there are for celebrations as special as Mother’s Day. By the hand of Lupe Herrera, find out a beautiful table setting where the tableware and textiles in my catalogue display their greatest charm.


Celebrate Easter with a very spring table decoration

During the Easter season we cannot overlook the opportunity provided by these holidays to enjoy with family and friends. With this Easter table, which Lupe Herrera has prepared for the occasion, we can see that table decoration is not only reserved for key festivities such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day.


Chairs and Rugs... My favourite decor items

Furniture, textiles, objects... We all have a predilection for some things or others when decorating our home. That’s why today I share with you my passion for chairs and rugs. You’ll see that these two basic elements have a lot to offer.


This Valentine’s Day, set the table for love

Valentine’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity to reconnect with our partner in the privacy of the home. This year, in the company of Lupe Herrera, I propose a table decoration for Valentine’s Day that will make this plan a romantic and unforgettable choice

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