When I checked my planner, I saw that 19 March, Father's Day, is coming up. I am one of those who think that the best Father's Day gift is to spend time with him. Spending a family day together, enjoying a coffee and conversation, watching a movie after lunch.... If you are wondering what to give your father and how to choose the right gift, there is no doubt that the perfect gift is you, although I am not going to deny that a carefully thought-out gift, made with love, will surely please him too. If you are especially excited about celebrating Father's Day like me and would like to have a surprise to remember those moments in everyday life, don't miss the selection of original Father's Day gifts, for all budgets and very useful that I have selected for you.

These gift ideas for Father's Day can also be used to surprise your partner, if your children are too young to take care of it.

As I said, the best gift for Father's Day is to dedicate him time, even if he doesn't usually ask for it. So, before buying a present for your dad, the idea is to think about what your father is like, his personality and hobbies and, if you can, combine his hobbies with spending time together. A sporty dad is not the same as a cook or a film buff.... The most important thing is to choose what interests him, things that he likes and that are practical; I told you on Valentine's Day that for me the most important thing about love is to celebrate it every day.

If your dad can't give up coffee, then the coffee pot, mug and filter sets will delight him. Then he will love the coffee pot, mug and filter sets, because they are made of ceramic and, as well as having a beautiful design, they are perfect for drinking a freshly brewed coffee, and even better if it's in company, don't you think? If he is more of a tea drinker, don't worry, in this case you can give him a ceramic mug with filter. If he has a good palate or is a real cook, surprise him with handmade ceramic tableware, unique pieces created by hand from the heart, where he can enjoy memorable meals.

If he likes nature, you can go for an enamel tableware set. It's perfect now that spring is just around the corner, he can take it with him to the beach, for a picnic in the countryside or for a camping trip in the mountains. It is also very light and resistant, so it will be very comfortable and easy to carry. If, however, he is very homely, a throw can be his perfect ally for naps on the sofa or watching his favourite series.


Cotton throw Laforet 125x150 cm

Cotton throw blanket with houndstooth design in beige and off-white with fringed finish. Its classic character brings an elegant and timeless style that allows you to combine it in different parts of your home, from the bedroom to the terrace.

Ceramic coffee pot, cup and coffee dripper set Cocora

Ceramic coffee pot set with simple lines and blue and brown stripes in a aquarelle finish. This set includes coffee pot, cup and coffee dripper. It is a perfect kitchenware kit for drinking freshly brewed coffee by adjusting the quantity for each cup.

Ceramic mug with filter Tamar dark brown 380 ml

Ceramic filter mug with lid in dark brown color. This piece of kitchenware is ideal for your infusions or teas, for your breakfasts, snacks and after-dinner meals.
Plato llano Dakar... Plato llano Dakar... 2
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Plato llano Dakar Geométrica Ø23.5 cm

Plato llano de cerámica hecho de forma artesanal, esmaltado en color ocre mate con diferentes figuras geométricas pintadas a mano en color negro. Nuestro plato Dakar tiene estructura de cerámica engrosada que le confiere durabilidad y un diseño llamativo que combina usabilidad y estética para ofrecerte una experiencia única. ¡Haz que tu mesa sea atemporal...

Does he like plants but is not very handy with them? Artificial or dried flowers can be the solution. Combine it with a nice decorative object to put them in and you'll have a great gift. I'm sure he will remember you every time he sees it. For those who love the old time, you will succeed with a retro decorative detail, such as a framed vintage sailing picture, an industrial letter... or an antique piece. Remember that antiques are very special and have an important emotional value.

Don't think twice, place your order today in my online shop and surprise your father with a nice gift. If you prefer, you can also come to my physical shops, where you can find more gift ideas for Father's Day and leave the ties, socks, watches or perfumes for another time.


Decorative wooden flowerpot Gond

Decorative flowerpot made of natural hand carved wood. If you are a nature lover, enjoy the freshness and life that comes from integrating plant spaces in your home, you will love filling our Gond flowerpot with your favourite plants. Its rustic style, its imposing calyx shape, its neutral tones, the naturalness, and warmth that wood brings... all this...
Metal decorative letter P... Metal decorative letter P... 2
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Metal decorative letter P H20 cm

Industrial style metal letter "P" in aged rust finish with touches of colour. Decorate your furniture and walls with this industrial style decorative object. Ideal for shelves and display cabinets.

Wall art print Mer Rouge large size 90x75 cm

Wall artprint with the frame made of recycled natural wood with a technical nautical drawing of a boat. The pictures will bring an extra personality to your home and will dress up your walls. Black and white is a timeless combination that harmonises very well with all interiors and colours, both in modern and classic style rooms. Create an original...

Dried flowers Cerbesa H70 cm

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Dried flowers from the mintola fruit. Place this natural decorative arrangement on the wall and add a touch of greenery. It is also perfect for hanging on a door or mirror frame. Available in two different shades.
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