The arrival of autumn and the changes that this new season brings: a return to routine, colder days, shorter daylight hours,... we may notice less energy, muscle tension, dry skin,... This may be a good time to reorganise a complete life plan to re-establish our natural balance.

Through different practices that complement each other, from healthy eating, moderate physical activity plans, skin and hair care, together with a complete body self-care experience can be one of the best routines. How to do it? Here's a plan that's as simple as it is rewarding. The best part? You can enjoy it at home, whenever you want.

With Kharisma Botanical's solid cosmetic bath line, you can enjoy a very pleasant and sustainable sensory experience. Its botanical soaps are inspired by ancient traditions such as Ayurveda, aromatherapy and western botanical knowledge. Each of its fragrances, along with their properties, are designed to provide a special care. We inform you about each of the soaps so that you can choose the most suitable one according to your needs at any moment.

Calm, with chamomile and peppermint, will soothe and protect your skin along with its aroma, which is perfect for reducing mental fatigue.

Lutum helps to detoxify and remineralise the skin.

Magic, with its pleasant and peculiar scent, evokes magical reminiscences and, in some beliefs, is used to eliminate bad vibrations.

And Argania with its antioxidants, gives it anti-ageing properties.

If you want to enjoy a complete aromatic experience, for mental harmony, we suggest that you complement it with the line of solid shampoos, designed to treat specific hair problems, together with their fragrances that will captivate you, creating a moment of renewal. And, if you have a bathtub, you can grate shavings of any soap from the collection into the water.

It is surprising how we become so immersed in our obligations that we end up forgetting to simply celebrate our existence. We suggest you change your perspective on it for a while. Allow yourself to discover in a natural way the fascinating sensations that can be experienced in your spirit and in your mind when you give yourself time to enjoy life.

Remember that you can buy Kharisma Botanical's solid natural cosmetics line in our physical shops in Madrid, Castellón y Benicàssim. If you want to know more about these products and all their benefits you can also read our previous post here.

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