I'm sure it sounds familiar... the alarm clock goes off and... I'm on the clock again! I quickly grab a cup of coffee, while I put on my shoes to rush out of the house. I'm sure I'm not the only one. With our fast lifestyle, we are losing good habits, like the breakfast ritual - I love weekends! when I wake up and I know I can have breakfast without looking at the clock. It's time to stop and get back to relaxed and healthy breakfasts.

If you think it can be too complicated to do it, today I will give you some tips on how to practice a slow breakfast, so that you can gradually get into the habit. Forget about having a tea while standing up. It's not just what you drink, but how you drink it. Do not allow yourself to lose out on all its benefits because you are in a hurry or lazy. So, prepare it slowly, sit down and savour it together with me.

Obviously, my first advice is not to have breakfast just any old way. There is no better way to start the day than by taking care of yourself. Prepare it with love, choose your favourite tablecloth, mug and crockery. If you are not a morning person, you can set the table the night before. Have you ever thought of anything nicer than finding a nice table set up when you wake up?
If I have my breakfast alone, I usually prefer a clear table, using only a vegetable fiber placemat and a cotton napkin. In summer and spring, I usually use my Botanic enamelware. Its pattern gives me lots of energy and joy in the morning. Its floral motifs go perfectly with fresh food and a large variety of textiles. I have my own breakfast set, with its plates and mugs, so I don't have to worry too much when I get up.

Tableware is always the key to my breakfast table. A jug for juice, a teapot, a fruit bowl, a tray for butter or bread... One of my favourites is, definitely, the wooden cutting board, because is very versatile, and I can use it to cut bread or as a serving dish for fruit, croissants or toast. Think about how you would like to have breakfast in order to choose your essential kitchenware. If you're more of a cereal lover, a bowl is a must on your table.

To have a balanced and healthy breakfast, it is essential to have a fridge and pantry well stocked with varied, fresh and, if possible, seasonal foods, as well as the necessary crockery.

Even though we often prefer a few more minutes of sleep, I would suggest you wake up with plenty of time to have a leisurely breakfast. It's not easy, but I assure you it's worth it. Take your time to face the new day and sit down at the table without rushing. When I lose motivation to do so, I think I am giving myself precious time that will have an emotional impact on my mood for the rest of the day. If I start the day rushing, I will end it the same way. And on that note, one more tip: avoid looking at your mobile phone while you eat breakfast. Your mind and body are waking up and it is not very advisable to start the morning with a barrage of information. I suggest you focus on the moment, it's a good opportunity to fully enjoy and savour the food. Is the perfect opportunity to start mindfulness practice.
I know it's very difficult to disconnect, so whenever the weather allows it, I have breakfast on the terrace and leave my mobile phone in the house to avoid the temptation. It's a way to start waking up and connecting with the outdoors, listening to the first sounds of the morning, observing the plants...
Get back to enjoying breakfast. Create your morning routine with this healthy habit to start the day with more peace of mind, taking control of your day, instead of the day taking control of you.

Placemat Emrys

Elegant placemat made of seagrass. With this simple detail you can improve noticeably your table decoration. A versatile combination of colours that makes this placemat suits with any type of crockery.

Set of 4 cotton cloth napkins Calm

Set of 4 napkins manufactured in cotton. Its simple design, available in a variety of colours, gives it a seasonless character. You can give an original touch to your table by mixing the different shades of colour and using a plain or printed tablecloth.

Enamel mug Botanic

Mug made of enamelled steel with botanical illustrated pattern and black edge. Give a vintage and floral touch to your table with this classic piece and create your enamelled tableware by combining the different colours. Breakfast mug perfect for use as a tea cup or coffee mug.

Enamel flat plate Botanic medium size Ø26 cm

Enamelled steel flat plate with botanical illustrated pattern design and black edge. Its floral and retro touch gives this piece a vintage style, with which you can decorate your table with a classic look. You can personalise your tableware by combining the different models, cups and plates, available in different colours.

Acacia cutting board Davia large size 50x21 cm

Cutting board in natural acacia wood, with a rectangular shape, which stands out for its bicolour tone of the natural wood and the grains that allow this kitchenware accessory to be visible, providing decorative value. Its size makes it an ideal surface for preparing your dishes. It can also be used as a placemat.
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