When we think of the sea, we all have a beach in mind. For me, thinking of the sea is thinking of the Mediterranean. Soon I will have the opportunity to enjoy again its crystal-clear waters and soft sand. Like many of you, at this time of year I cannot help but imagine that long-awaited moment. 

That’s why I already have my suitcase and even the vanity bag ready. I want to make sure I have everything I need to enjoy to the fullest. However, I also want to lighten my luggage so I can concentrate on my greater purpose, rest. I want to be comfortable and relaxed, so in my list of essentials I will include some summer pyjamas, a pair of night dresses and some kimonos. 

I am eager to reach my destination and disconnect from the daily routine. In this holiday I will visit the beach bar, but I will also have time to read those outstanding books that have been accumulating dust on my shelf. In addition, I am clear that I want to continue with my yoga classes. And to fully enjoy these experiences, I always opt for loose clothes. I get rid of the jeans and put on loose and comfortable clothes. 

Deciding which pyjamas to pack can be a dilemma. On the one hand, there is the option of the classic adjustable shorts and the button shirt with short sleeves, perfect for eternal breakfasts and relaxing moments on the sofa. On the other hand, there are the pyjamas with adjustable straps and short pants with drawstring, an ideal option for sleeping peacefully on the hottest nights.

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White or striped? What a difficult decision, both are so beautiful. White is so pure and delicate. But the stripes have that fun and youthful touch that I love. Whichever you choose, the Leire and Lili cotton pyjamas are the perfect garment for every moment of the day. Don’t worry about where to keep them when you are away from home. They are sold with a practical bag to keep and carry them always with you.

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Thinking about holidays, another garment that always comes to mind is the night dress. This piece is a must-have to take on our getaways. A super comfortable garment that favours us all for its simple style. The question that arises is, short or long? Both options have their charm and usefulness. 

As I have decided that comfort is the most important, I choose to wear one of my Elsa night dresses as it is soft, light and very comfortable to wear. It has a V-neck, and best of all, it has pockets!

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And of course, in my suitcase cannot miss the Elian kimono. It is an outfit so combinable that I can wear it at home, pair it with jeans and sneakers to go out to explore the city or take it to the beach or the pool without losing glamour.

Pyjamas, night dresses and even kimonos... Discover our clothes section.
Pyjamas, night dresses and even kimonos... Discover our clothes section.

Are you planning your holidays? Great! If you already know your destination, I invite you to visit my section and discover the latest trends in women’s pyjamas.

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