One of my favourite things to do is to share decorative ideas and select products from my collections to make them a reality. It is really enriching to be able to express in some way all that creative imaginary that asks me to flow... But I must agree, I always try to know and discover all the news from the hand of the best lifestyle magazines. At my usual newsstand they already know me, and they already know that there are publications that I never miss, that's why this October I'm back to enjoy ¡HOLA! Living, a monthly magazine that, in this issue, brings more than one surprise inside... We are there!

¡HOLA! Living is an exceptional publication that shows us spaces with soul, articles with a different vision and the best tips for a more ecological and authentic lifestyle. Decoration, gastronomy and sustainability come together in this magazine that invites us to enjoy the greatness of small pleasures. Ideas that are very close to my heart, which is why I'm so excited to appear in it.

The Living GASTRO section focuses on an extensive interview to Clara Lago. In it, the actress tells us how she came up with the idea of setting up a plant-based restaurant together with her boyfriend, José Lucena, and chef Víctor Pinacho in the heart of Madrid. La Huerta Funky Castizo is the 100% plant-based version of La Tuerta Funky Castizo. With the intention of offering a vegan menu, the three of them have entered this new business and ¡HOLA! Living shows it to us in its images. In the photographic report, some of the pieces from the OFELIA Home & Decor catalogue that are part of the decoration and tableware of this restaurant appear.

In a place like this, nature is essential, and plants are a must in its decoration. And with them, beautiful cement pots that highlight their beauty. This type of pots has a porous texture, an irregular finish and a worn look. They are perfect for use in outdoor spaces or, as in this restaurant, in beautiful interiors. Big, small, square, round... Pots can be cool accessories in any decor.

The magazine article gives an insight into some of the most creative vegan recipes offered by the restaurant. For their presentation, the best tableware. My ceramic plates are especially nice for plating all kinds of food. If you opt for simple, handmade designs, the result is like the one in the photo, simply lovely. You can also see on the cover of the magazine the water jugs for serving customers. They are also made of ceramic and although the design seems minimalist, the lattice-like texture is very original.

At the beginning I told you that this issue of ¡HOLA! Living had more than one surprise in store, and that's because, in addition to the article, we are also featured in their SHOPPING section. In it, you can find two pieces from my catalogue. The Prisma jug, of which I have already told you about the wonders of its design; and the bowl with sauceboat from one of my most complete and sought-after collections, Karma. Both are beautiful, practical and original pieces, and will add a decorative touch to your tableware

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