To be back to the place where I am happy, where I can always return. To go back to my roots, to go back to the memories, to bring back to the present the past flavour. Everything changes and everything comes back. Again and again. Every year. To walk where I have jumped. To walk where I have walked. And breathe the air that will always be my world. To quietly come back to that favourite corner, because, no matter how much I may move, that place will always, always be waiting for me. Welcome back.


Cement planter Creta Ø17xH17 cm

Cement pot in earth tones, with a porous texture and irregular finish. Our Creta planter has a rustic Mediterranean design that will blend in with any style of decoration. Bring a touch of colour to your favourite spots by filling our Creta pots with succulents, bright green leafy plants or even florals. Combine with the different sizes of the Creta...

Brass candle holder Camilo

15x15xH36 cm
Candle holder made of brass, light and easy to handle, and crystal, allowing the light of the candles shine through. With a strong vintage style, Camilo candle holder will become the perfect decorative accessory to stand out in rooms such as your living room, your bedroom or in the entrance hall of your home. It will provide a cozier and warmer...

Cement planter Zante Ø21xH17 cm

Cement planter, in earth tones, with a porous texture, irregular finish and embossed rim. Our Zante planter has a rustic, Mediterranean-inspired design, with a worn look and a lived-in appearance, which adapts perfectly to both industrial and rustic environments. Combine the different sizes of the Zante collection to enhance and give life to your corners...

Viviendo sueños, soñando despierta

New Collection Ottawa

Never stop dreaming

Suddenly, everything seems to go at a different pace, low revolutions. The same light. The same hours. The same sense of peace, to take a deep breath as I close my eyes and recharge my energy. Getting my breath, momentum and pulse back to face the new challenges that await me on the next page of the calendar, the ones I know in advance and the ones that life will put in my way.


Cotton quilt 135 bed Ottawa

230x250 cm
Queen size quilt, made of washed cotton with synthetic fibre filling. A beautiful and elegant quilt that will completely change the aesthetics of your bedroom, bringing a feeling of greater comfort and warmth to your moments of rest.

Headboard Ottawa 140x20xH120 cm

Ottawa headboard made of 100% cotton with synthetic fibre filling, for beds measuring between 100 and 140 cm. A buttoned headboard with handmade stitching, subtle and romantic features that bring a sophisticated touch to the bedroom while creating a cosy and warm atmosphere.

Cushion Ottawa 50x50 cm

50x50 cushion with 100% cotton cover and synthetic fibre filling. A beautiful square cushion that will make you fall in love with its so trendy soft and powdery colours. The Ottawa collection has been designed to wrap and decorate bedrooms, but its simple and minimalist design also allows you to integrate the cushions into your home and enjoy them on...

Floor cushion Ottawa blue stripes

Floor cushion in white washed cotton with navy blue striped print and soft synthetic padding filling. An original and comfortable decorative element, the large floor cushion triumphs in our interiors and even in our terraces. A very functional decorative accessory that also guarantees great moments of comfort and rest. Our Ottawa floor cushion brings...
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