Throw Siham
Throw Siham
Throw Siham
Throw Siham
Throw Siham

Throw Siham

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This beautiful throw is the perfect complement to any corner of your home. It`s not just an accessory, it`s also incredibly comfortable and envelops you with its cosy texture. It is made of 100% cotton and has been traditionally hand-dyed. Its size fits any sofa or bed and can be used as a functional and decorative item to add warmth and personality to any room.
Wash at 30ºC
130x150 cm


Siham throw. The superstar of home textiles.

Entering a house decorated with textiles is like delving into a world of comfort and warmth. Soft cushions, quilts and plaids create a pleasant and vibrant atmosphere. They are like a symphony of textures and colours that make you feel in a magic world. It is incredibly how a simple thing can completely change the atmosphere in a room.

Every piece offers a unique story to live. Sofa cushions invite to relax, while quilts are like a soft embrace. Then we have plaids, which are like the superstars of textiles. They are versatile and elegant and add a cosy touch to any space. They can be used for many things: a blanket on the sofa when you want to lie down and read a book. At the foot of the bed, because there is nothing better than feeling wrapped by a soft and warm blanket during all the night. Even, take note! On the floor, so the children can play there.

Cushions, quilts, plaidsTogether, they create an atmosphere that make you feel at home. Since you enter, you can feel a sensation of tranquillity and comfort that can only be achieved surrounded by beautiful textiles.

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