Café and decoration store. The magic of my concept store

Do you want to live a unique experience in Castellón? Then OFELIA Concept Store is what you are looking for. A café and a decoration store in a single space that, after five years since its opening, continues to arouse curiosity.


You were waiting for them! Decor trends 2024

When it comes to decorating a space, it is essential to find the balance between keeping updated about the new trends and being true to yourself. From the choice of furniture to the colour palettes that will add a plus of style, discover inspiration and ideas that will help you create an authentic and up-to-date space.


Stem glasses for elegant and lively days

Style and quality are increasingly appreciated. And more when it comes to living every moment as if it were your last. Practical and so beautiful, the stem glasses by Ofelia will accompany you on any occasion. What can we celebrate today?


Cloth napkins. Sustainability, style and creativity on your table

At Ofelia, we continue to show that small details matter... And that with such simple gestures as the choice and the way you arrange your cloth napkins you can make a difference. Find out our Essam collection and all the virtues of its original design.


A decoration store like no other in Madrid...

Cozy and natural! The OFELIA store in Madrid is the best find for all lovers of decoration. A place that reflects daily life and where everyone can feel deeply identified.


This Valentine’s Day, set the table for love

Valentine’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity to reconnect with our partner in the privacy of the home. This year, in the company of Lupe Herrera, I propose a table decoration for Valentine’s Day that will make this plan a romantic and unforgettable choice


Creative days and wonderful moments...

This editorial is an invitation to celebrate every day. There are no empty moments or monotonous routines... At Ofelia, we put creativity in everything and believe us, it is much simpler than it may seem.


Original, creative and love-filled Valentine’s Day gifts

We start this month and doubts arise when deciding the Valentine gift. This year, at Ofelia, we make it easy. Discover our packs and give emotion, creativity and well-being. Once again, we have thought about every detail so that this occasion becomes an unforgettable memory.


Super original crockeries for simple yet delicious meals

Your simplest meals will never be the same! Salads, toasts, croissants... Add a touch of colour and creativity to your breakfasts and snacks with the original crockeries I have selected for you.


Ideas to create the perfect coffee corner at home

The new year brings with it a wave of motivation to make positive changes in our lives. And what better way to start the year than by creating a coffee corner at home? A cozy space where you can relax and enjoy your favourite coffee.


Ofelia Castellón: the perfect plan to start the year

Do you want an original plan to welcome 2024? Come visit me at my coffee shop in Castellón. It is the ideal place to enjoy a complete experience. Here I combine the pleasure of good coffee and good food with the excitement of discovering decorative treasures for your home.


Candlesticks and candleholders to make your house shine in style

Candles are a classic of home decoration. Although lamps are usually the centre of all eyes, there are other very interesting decorative details that bring a special touch and create a pleasant and beautiful atmosphere. The combination of different candlesticks and candleholders is a very interesting resource to give life to the home.

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