Dried, artificial and preserved flowers to keep love from dying

In Ofelia we have given a new twist to the classic bouquet of flowers so that on Valentine's Day you can be much more original, and especially to make sure that, it lasts a lifetime, like the good kind of love.


Celebrate Valentine's Day with wellbeing moments

What better way to surprise than with these gift packs, to have an act of love towards other people or towards ourselves. Every moment can be a special occasion. Remember, love must be celebrated every day.


Lovely getaways for the most romantic time of the year.

A stylish Nordic city, a Mediterranean beachfront hotel and a charming and exclusive country house are our romantic destinations to celebrate Valentine's Day.


House decoration that approaches to a real world

El Limonar is a beautiful house in Gijón decorated with accessories by Ofelia. Its interiors and its outdoor area are full of warmth, naturalness and a special charm we invite you to discover and the great power of decorative details will surely surprise...


New editorial Hand & Soul, our homage to craftwork

Discover this new collection of handcrafted crockery. The beauty of ceramic created with the heart. Pieces that stand out for their singularity, for their history. Everyone is unique.


Gift Pack, the simplest solution to give this Christmas

Looking for a different Christmas gift? Do you lack gift ideas or do you have little time to think and choose? With our new Gift Packs, you have an easy and comfortable option, which you can also customize, if you prefer.


8 reasons to decorate your home for Christmas

Discover the importance of decorating your home for Christmas with 8 benefits that we tell you about in this article. If you don't know where to start, you don't have to worry because we also share with you some Christmas decorating tips and ideas in a simple and, why not, fun way.


Camellas Lloret, the humble beauty of a French country house

Among vineyards, located in a medieval location, we find a very special boutique hotel, where time stops to enjoy simple things.


Routine to celebrate autumn

Autumn means a return to routine, as well as changes in temperature and light that can affect us both physically and emotionally. Its arrival can also be the perfect excuse to integrate an environmentally friendly self-care routine.


Fenn Hotel in Marrakech: an oasis of colour, relax and exotic charm

This hotel is a real labyrinth of more than 30 rooms, 3 swimming pools and different patios. Its design will impress you and so will the experience. Here you will find peacefulness, a cuisine based on local ingredients, wellness treatments and a world-renowned decorative richness.


Ofelia and Kharisma Botanical, a collaboration based on artisan and natural products for a slow lifestyle

We have a new product line available in our shops. But this time they are not related to decoration, they are more about a conscious and responsible lifestyle. It is Kharisma Botanical, a Spanish brand of solid, handmade cosmetics that will turn your hygiene and care routine into a ritual.


How to create your own style summer picnic

Summer and outdoor plans go well together. The good weather and the longer days invite us to take part in activities outside. We leave you with some ideas and recommendations for organising a picnic where all you must worry about is enjoying yourself.

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