Glass Domia

Ø8xH10 cm
Imagine how you will enjoy these colourful water glasses. They are made of transparent glass and the interior relief gives them an elegant and retro touch. But best of all is the beautiful pattern with lemons and olive branches. The magic of summer in a glass! Don’t you think? These crystal glasses are truly...

Stem glass Lilea

Ø8.2xH16 cm
A well-laid and decorated table is the best setting for unforgettable dining experiences. At Ofelia, we have everything prepared... and we’ve thought of all the details.Serve and taste the best wines with our Lilea stem glass. Hand-painted floral designs with a soft edge in green shades, this tall glass has everything...

Bowl Palma

Ø21 cm
Bowls have become essential pieces of tableware. And, with Ofelia’s ideas, they also take on a unique artistic character and enhance the decoration of all your tables.Inspired by the sixties, the Palma crockery arrives with designs as original as this hand-painted and enamelled ceramic bowl.

Deep plate Palma

Ø24 cm
The Palma crockery is a modern and casual collection that pays tribute to the 60s. It is a beautiful ceramic crockery, and each piece has been hand-painted.Enjoy the complete crockery or choose your favourite pieces! From plates and platters to bowls and glasses. And this beautiful deep plate. Its pattern is so original...

Oval platter Palma

25x20 cm
A red and blue palm is something that seems to come from a dream. With its vibrant colours, Palma is an oval platter capable of adding freshness and joy to any table. Its design is surprising, and its tones are a true sight to behold. It is an original and charming piece.

Fruit bowl Evora

Ø28xØ13.5 cm
Add a sophisticated touch to your kitchen with the Evora ceramic fruit bowl. An authentic masterpiece handcrafted in Portugal. Its elegant design and vibrant colours will make you want to display it with pride. This kitchen fruit bowl is the perfect piece to give a cozy and personal look, at the same time as current and beautiful, to any countertop or...

Tiffin Tikka 2

Stainless steel Tiffin with 2 containers with concave sides and stackable from larger to smaller diameter. Unique lunch box with which you can take your lunch to work in an original way while saving the use of throw-away packaging. Stainless steel is easy to clean and resistant to rust. It has a practical and safe closing mechanism and a handle to carry...

Ceramic serving spoon Karma

Ceramic serving spoon with natural polish, brown mottled and handmade finish. Perfect for soups or canapés.

Glass Margarita

Ø8xH10 cm
Do you want to give your table a fun and cheerful touch? Then you cannot stop having these drinking glasses with daisy print. They are perfect to animate any meeting or party. Imagine your favourite drinks in these original glasses. Its design will give a summer touch to your events. No matter if you’re celebrating a...

Stem glass Arlene

Ø7XH20 cm
This stem glass is the perfect piece for any wine lover. Its design allows you to hold it comfortably and drink appreciating each sip with all the senses.Arlene is the ideal glass to share special moments in good company or to enjoy a glass of red wine and moments of peace and quiet alone.

Bowl Colette

Ø15.5 cm
Colette crockery is the perfect combination of craftsmanship and design. A unique charm that is appreciated in each piece and that we invite you to discover with this hand-painted ceramic bowl. The mottled effect and the blue colour give a touch of originality to this artisan tableware that you can combine with the pieces of...

Oval platter Colette

If you like amazing your guests, then you definitely need a ceramic platter like this. Colette is an original hand-painted oval serving platter perfect for special moments. Its pink tone and the drawings that adorn it will make your table look modern and fun. So, don’t miss the chance to show off in your upcoming celebrations...

Dessert plate Palma

Ø18 cm
Palma is a crockery that emerges from the 60s to become your best ally when setting the table. Fresh, youthful and spring, it has that retro style that never goes out of style and is always a success.The Palma dessert plates are hand-painted and are perfect for the nostalgic design. Fill your table with joy and fun with...

Soup tureen Evora

Ø22.5xH17.5 cm
Some culinary preparations are so special that they need perfect crockery to accompany them. With our soup tureen from the Evora collection, the result will be simply wonderful. A handmade ceramic piece with precious earth or aqua colours, so everything will look creative around the table.

Tiffin Tikka 3

Stainless steel Tiffin with 3 containers with concave sides and stackable from larger to smaller diameters. It has a practical and safe locking mechanism and a handle that allows you to carry your food easily. Stainless steel for food use, unlike plastic and wood due to its porous characteristics, is a formidable anti-stain option, resistant to encrusted...

Dinner knife Rodin

Stainless steel dinner knife with round blade and engraving on the handle. Its simple design can be combined on any table.

Mango cutting board Koh-Kood

30x16xH2 cm
This cutting board is a unique and practical accessory for your kitchen and table. It is made of natural mango wood and features a beautiful tropical print glaze. With its elegant and organic design, it goes perfectly with any style of kitchen. In addition, mango wood is durable and sturdy, ensuring long-term use.

Flute glass Gisela

Ø6xH16 cm
Enjoying a glass of sparkling champagne or bubbling cava is an experience that evokes elegance and celebration. At Ofelia, we invite you to do it with one of our best glassware: Gisela. In ribbed glass and with a beautiful light green colour, these flute classes will enhance the experience and make you enjoy most of the...

Glass Lilea

Ø8.5xH12 cm
Floral decoration is a then centre of the trends and at Ofelia, we have the best ideas for you to subtly incorporate it into your home.Don’t miss our new collection of glassware the design of which pays tribute to nature. Lilea is a drinking glass that you can use daily and that will bring freshness and joy to the...

Flat plate Palma

Ø23 cm
Look at this flat plate, its colours and its forms. It is really beautiful, isn’t it? At Ofelia we think that crockery must be functional, but it must also convey positive sensations. It seems essential to us to have beautiful tableware for all those moments when a meal becomes an excuse to share love and happiness with our...

Oval platter Colette

36x28 cm
An artisan essence and a joyful design. This is our Colette crockery, surely one of the most attractive in our tableware catalogue.Oval platter made of ceramic, hand-painted in blue tones and with a mottled effect. It is essential to serve your best dishes and it is also the most original accessory for your table decoration.

Jug Evora

Ø15xH22 cm
Setting a table is an art. And with the Evora collection, never better! Discover a unique crockery where craftsmanship and talent are its symbols. Get unique tableware such as our ceramic jug available in earth or aqua tones.

Tiffin Tikka 4

Stainless steel tiffin with 4 containers with concave sides and stackable from largest to smallest diameter. Avoid single-use packaging and plastic containers with our tiffin lunch boxes, strong and durable, so you can reuse them as many times as you like. Ideal for picnics, school lunches or trips to the countryside or beach. It has a practical and...

Acacia cutting board Sensei large size Ø33 cm

Large round cutting board made of acacia wood in natural finish. Its simplicity goes together with its design in which the grain of the natural wood stands out. Perfect for the kitchen, you can also use it as a placemat.

How difficult it is to imagine a day without it!... Tableware by OFELIA Home & Decor 

Tableware items play an essential role at home. Materials, colours, designs... both in great celebrations and in our day to day, every detail matters. Getting everything to fit into a table decoration may seem like an odyssey, but with OFELIA Home & Decor, it won’t take any effort. Why? Because we put interest, passion and a touch of creativity into all our collections in order to make every room of your house unique and special.

Enter our beautiful category! In it you will find that dinnerware set you have always wanted for your home. Flat, deep, dessert plates... Some with matching cups or mugs; others with bowls or accessory pieces as useful and comfortable as a soup tureen, a sauce tray or a fruit bowl... Discover our complete crockeries or dare to combine plates of different designs, you will be surprised how versatile they are.

As for glassware, glass cups and glasses beat other types of materials. In addition to the traditional transparent glass, we also have cut glass cups or coloured glasses. And, of course, to refill them, our water jugs... They are practical and very decorative.

If you’re looking for cutlery, you’re in the right place. In our cutlery sets you will also find that fusion between functionality and aesthetics that you like so much. Ah, and we can’t forget the cutlery trays, they are perfect to organize and have them always at hand. And for cooking or serving, you will find wooden spoons, forks or spatulas.

In addition to cutting boards and trays, we have steel pots and pans, cake support plates, teapots, tiffins... We like so much the pieces that make up the home tableware! And how difficult it is to imagine a day without them...

All our items are of natural spirit. For the materials we use, for their craftsmanship and for the finishes so perfectly imperfect they look. Our designs are ideal for those who want a unique and personal style, and for those who know that small details matter.


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