Ceiling lamp Nayra

Ø60xH70 cm
If you are looking for a different way to decorate your home and feel it more connected with nature, these natural fiber lamps are definitely an excellent choice. They bring a unique and functional aesthetic to any room. Its lampshade has been woven with moonj grass, what allows light to filter in a soft and warm way, creating a much more pleasant and...

Table lamp Nakoa

35x27xH34 cm
Did you know that light can be your best deco ally? Our Nakoa table lamp comes to your home with the firm intention of beautifying all your rooms. In its design, the combination of materials gives it all its uniqueness: copper base and fiber lampshade. Look at it! It is pure beauty...
Floor lamp Tamora Floor lamp Tamora 2
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Floor lamp Tamora

46x35xH142 cm
Small details are the ones that cause a huge impact. With our Tamora floor lamp with sidetable you will turn your home into a beautiful and comfortable space where you will love spending your time. Gold metal structure and natural fiber lampshade. Two in one! With it, you will have the best piece for small rooms.

Bamboo wall light Raswin 20x13xH26 cm

Natural bamboo wall lamp with double width curved design and rod structure. Its elegant material and style make it suitable for different environments. You can use it in the bedroom on the side of the bed, if you want to use the space or in the entrance, porch,...

Ceiling lamp Tanisha

Ø50xH47 cm
Natural fibers conquer our home... They are an eco-friendly option that we can incorporate into our rooms through lighting with a ceiling lamp like Tanisha. Its lampshade woven with moonj can be the perfect attribute to bring our own style closer to nature and get a much warmer and more pleasant light.

Table lamp Tacana

35x27xH34 cm
They are a sure success when it comes to home lighting. Table lamps are a secondary source of light with which you can get a much warmer and more relaxing atmosphere. If you also opt for designs such as our Tacana lamp model, with its glass base and natural fiber lampshade, you will add character and personality to your decoration.

Bamboo wall light Alizea Ø22xH35 cm

Wall light manufactured in natural bamboo with a lantern shape and a natural wood support to fix it to the wall. However simple, this wall lamp stands out with its exotic air, as well as giving a warm lighting.

Ceiling lamp Shaira

Ø80xH40 cm
It is a delight to dress the house with them, because they are so warm to the eye, practical and decorative… These natural fiber lamps create a sense of calm in the rooms and are so versatile that they fit into any room: from the living room and bedroom to the kitchen.

Table lamp Mauna

Ø40xH70 cm
If you are looking for a piece for the ambient lighting of your rooms, you should consider getting one of these table lamps. They not only provide light, but also raise the level of decoration and customize the spaces. Mauna is a functional, elegant and very glamorous table lamp. Quite a success! It has a captivating retro style and an overwhelming...

Ceiling lamp Erta

Ø30xH19 cm
Weaving, braiding and shaping natural fibers is an art. With them, objects truly worthy of contemplation are made. Our Erta ceiling lamp is a good example of this craftsmanship. Made from moonj, an Indian fiber, is the greatest reflection of nature you can have at home. And, believe us, both its design and its light will leave a precious feeling of...

Table lamp Asha

Ø40xH70 cm
Sometimes, home decoration has been the same for many years and needs a new look. Changing the lamps can make a big difference. Asha is a table lamp with metal base, rope, velvet lampshade and a visually very powerful design. It decorates by itself. It doesn’t need more. It’s perfect if you want your home to turn from a boring one to another full of...

Ceiling lamp Krafla

Ø55xH26 cm
Essential in the lighting of our homes, ceiling lamps change look and add to the eco-friendly trend. Krafla is a beautiful natural fiber lamp made from moonj, a natural material from India. A plain design that stands out for the warmth and beauty of its organic materials.

Table lamp Hekla

Ø40xH70 cm
Table lamps are essential in any home. They are so versatile pieces that can suit any type of atmospheres. With its retro air, this modern table lamp is all what you need to illuminate your home with style and to bring that chic touch we like so much. This handmade piece has an aged metal base lined with rope and a velvet upholstered cylindrical...

Ceiling lamp Tinaluka

Ø60xH26 cm
We like natural fibers, and you will notice it in our section of lamps… The newest novelty: ceiling lamps made of moonj. This material is typical in India and arrives to our homes through the lighting. But why is the Tinakula model special? It is a handmade and sustainable piece, and the red colour of the lampshade provides it with a touch of originality...

Table lamp Romila Ø40xH50 cm

Table lamp made from natural cane with a velvet shade in two colours: red or green. A highly functional lamp that, thanks to its size and presence, will adapt to the console table in your hallway, the side table in your living room or your bedside table in the bedroom. The openwork of the base made of cane, will create a beautiful effect by letting the...

Ceiling lamp Tabatha

Ø54xH20 cm
They stand out with freshness and naturalness, can create cosy atmospheres full of charm, are discrete and elegant at the same time… Ceiling lamps can become the great protagonist of your home decoration. Discover the Tabatha design by Ofelia, a large lamp, made of seagrass and with a beautiful green stripe that brings originality and charm.

Ceiling lamp Phylis

Ø38xH30 cm
The lighting is an essential part at home, but it also has an aesthetic role. We only have to see the beautiful design of our Phylis ceiling lamp to understand its great decorative power. Seagrass, soft colours, Mediterranean style… It has everything to give a fresh and pleasant look to the corner we want to dress.
Table lamp with a pineapple-shaped design in golden colour. It illuminates and decorates your rooms thanks to its originality by combining the colonial style with its contemporary gold finish.

Ceiling lamp Madelia

Ø31xH66 cm
Now you can achieve a home decoration that conveys sensations of peace and harmony with designs such as our Madelia ceiling lamp. Made of seagrass, with it you can embellish Mediterranean, Boho-chic or island style atmospheres.

Ceiling lamp Megan

Ø20xH16 cm
Small things can embellish your home decoration in a big way. Our Megan ceiling lamp in grey colour and made of seagrass features a beautiful bell-shaped design, discreet, but very decorative. A touch that, without any doubt, will make a difference.

Ceiling lamp Lyssa

Ø19xH20 cm
Lyssa is a ceiling lamp made of seagrass. Its conic shape and the green colour that stands out in its design make this small lamp a perfect solution to complete your home lighting with a fresh, natural and original touch.

High table lamp Tyr 15x25xH56 cm

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High table lamp with vertical open metal shade in black and copper finish. Combine it with an Edison style straight-tubular bulb and illuminate your spaces with this vintage industrial style decorative object, which brings style with its simple lines.

Ceiling lamp Lindy

Ø22xH40 cm
Ceiling lamp braided by hand with seagrass. This model in natural fibers stands out for its unique design and the imperfections of its finishes that give it elegance and naturalness. It will be the perfect alternative in any room of your house, make your home even more cosy with our Lindy pendant lamp!

Bamboo table lamp Aresta Ø18xH45 cm

Table lamp shade made in bamboo with a natural finish. Its simplicity and the neutrality of its material transmits serenity by projecting an upholstered illumination thanks to its design. Its lantern-like shape adds an exotic air.

The best source of wellbeing for your home... Lighting by OFELIA Home & Decor

It is synonymous with a pleasant atmosphere, energy and general well-being. At home, lighting plays an essential and important role. So much so that, at Ofelia, we also see it as a great criterion for good health and good humour.

A lamp can change everything in a space because, beyond its mere function, its decorative potential is simply magical. And that is exactly what we try to highlight in our lighting catalogue: lamps of different shapes, materials and colours; but all with the same level of sophistication and beauty.

A real eyecatcher! So are our ceiling lamps that pay tribute to nature with their designs in natural fibers. Most are handcrafted, with woven lampshades, releasing a warm and soft light. Round, oval, flared... We have pendant lamps for all rooms, and for all tastes.

For an extra point of light, wall lamps also add to this eco-friendly trend that we love so much. Our wall lamps will warmly illuminate the corridors or other more specific areas of the house.

We could not mention lighting without the elegance of table lamps. At Ofelia, they prioritize the essential and unfold their multiple charms in any auxiliary furniture or bedside table. Vintage, retro, industrial, Mediterranean... In a fusion of materials and colours, our designs cover different aesthetics so you can find the lamp that best suits you.

And finally, you can also light up your rooms with our selection of floor lamps. At the entrance, next to the sofa or even in some corner of the bedroom... They will impose their presence wherever you put them, with much uniqueness and effectiveness.

The best source of energy for the home! Our lighting section has everything to enhance your home decoration and create atmospheres that make you feel good.

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