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Floor lamp Tamora

46x35xH142 cm
Small details are the ones that cause a huge impact. With our Tamora floor lamp with sidetable you will turn your home into a beautiful and comfortable space where you will love spending your time. Gold metal structure and natural fiber lampshade. Two in one! With it, you will have the best piece for small rooms.

Light up your spaces in style... Floor lamps by OFELIA Home & Decor

They have been an essential element in living room decoration for decades and, thanks to their great decorative power, today we can incorporate them in many more spaces of our home. Floor lamps help us to create cosy and pleasant corners, and at the same time can become a focal point, so we like to have them in living rooms, offices and bedrooms.

Light up your spaces with a designer floor lamp and you will see how much style and personality will win your home decoration. They are decorative pieces by themselves and at Ofelia, we invite you to have in mind all their potential, aesthetic and functional, to complete the lighting of your rooms. Due to its size, they will stand out over the rest of the furniture, so your choice must be conditioned by the place where you are going to put it, by the style you like and by the effect you want to create.

A floor lamp with side table can be perfect to crown your favourite corner with the special charm of our designs. And remember that, despite their size, floor lamps are usually easy to carry, so you can change their place when you want to give a new air to your space.

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