Chair Marta natural

Ø41xH91 cm
Chairs are an essential part of your kitchen decoration. They are the final touch that completes the look and unites everything. Marta is a wooden chair with a beautiful finish that brings character and charm. This upholstered chair, made of elm wood, has a jute seat that gives it a rustic and cozy touch.

Chair Marta wash effect

Ø41xH91 cm
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If you want your kitchen to be a reference space in your home, you can’t forget the importance of its decoration. Kitchen chair in natural elm wood, with an aged finish and beige jute upholstered seat. Make this chair your best choice...

Chair Kakua

47x52xH82 cm
Materials, colours, light... Let’s look for the natural! Our elm wood chair has straight and refined lines and will become the most noble piece in your dining room.
Chair Arov Chair Arov 2
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Chair Arov

49x54xH83 cm
What would you say to this combination? A natural elm wood chair with jute seat. Arov is the union between the rustic style and the contemporary to design a dining room with a special character. A successful way to display your best personality at home.

Chair Midas

60x58xH105 cm
A solid and especially comfortable chair, an arch back with bars, a subtle inclination and a beautiful black colour. Midas is a chair with arms and the characteristic and distinctive Windsor style. This chair is made of birch wood and is a design classic we offer you in Ofelia with a modernized and adapted to current days design.

Chair Ozzy

50x53xH78 cm
Rattan and beech wood chair with cushion. Ozzy is attractive, resistant and durable! Thanks to its original combination of natural materials, it will adapt to the room you prefer, bringing an exotic and timeless touch.

Chair Parisienne

51x45xH91 cm
Rattan chair with curved backrest, reinforced legs and woven fibre seat. Light and full of personality, the Parisienne kitchen chair, with its unmistakable bistro style, will bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to this space that is usually the soul of the house.

Chair Nayanna

45x59xH80 cm
There are many ways of giving a natural touch to your home decoration. For example, some beautiful rattan chairs must not be missing around the table. Nayanna is an original design hand-braided and with metal legs. You can also choose among brown, black, grey or even combine these three models.

Chair Mykonos

54X52xH77 cm
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Cane chair with a natural style and an incredible warmth. With its round shapes and red cushion, it is the perfect chair to find the balance any home needs.

Chair Santorini

54x58xH82 cm
Comfort, functionality, style... What is the most important thing for you at home? At Ofelia, we design pieces that have everything. An example of this: a beautiful cane chair you can place in any room bringing balance and dynamism to your home decoration.
Chair Kos Chair Kos 2
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Chair Kos

64X48xH81 cm
€116.55 €194.25
Take care of you! Enjoy in a slower, calmer way and with a clearer and more conscious approach of the life. Kos is a chair to feel good, but in a responsible way. A handmade cane chair where design, materials and finishes promote well-being at home.

Chair Hidra

55x60xH78 cm
Our home may be a place to grow and have opportunities. Hidra is a cane chair that combines the sustainability with the style. Its soft and fluid shapes are the result of a careful and detail work. A lovely and comfortable chair to create a corner where you can feel happy.

Chair Dover

53x53xH86 cm
Would you like to have a corner in your home inspired in nature? Place some plants, flowers, fresh fabrics and natural materials. Our rattan chairs Dover model can be the starting point to create that beautiful space. Notice the balance of its straight and curved shapes, its exotic style design and its soft cushion...

Chair Gaola

96x50xH140 cm
An icon of decoration in your own home! Gaola chair is made of natural rattan and cane. A beautiful seat inspired by the Peacock model to give an exotic and refined touch to your home decoration.
Chair Marga Chair Marga 2
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Chair Marga

71x58xH77 cm
€138.00 €230.00
Bring the Mediterranean style into your home with the Marga natural fibre chairs, transforming any space into a coastal oasis! The rounded shapes of the white lacquered iron and the organic materials used are perfect for creating a relaxed and lively atmosphere in your home.

Chair Ítaca

65x70xH94 cm
Sustainable, fresh and free... These are the homes that connect with nature! And nothing better than natural fibres chairs to strengthen that relaxing and beneficial sensation. Ítaca is a chair with armrests made of rattan and with a metal structure. Its best charm? Its natural features and its red cushion that creates a beautiful...

Chair Elizabeth grey

50x60xH93 cm
Dining chair Elizabeth model. Aged iron structure and buttoned backrest. A cosy and comfortable upholstered chair for those who value the past in modern design.

Chair Elizabeth blue grey

50x60xH93 cm
Dining chair with aged iron structure and capitonné style backrest. Cosy and comfortable chairs for lovers of classic home design.

Take a seat… Chairs by OFELIA Home & Decor

There is no home without them, and their presence is key in different spaces during our daily life. Chairs are a type of practical and functional furniture. They represent comfort and well-being, but also complete our house decoration, through new nuances or strengthening the dynamism of our decorative style.

Every home is a world, but it is always a place for gatherings and celebrations, for relax and disconnection… that’s why it could be a good starting point to choose the dining chairs that best suit this room. Choose those that not only invite to enjoy great evenings, but also to extend them without giving up comfort.

The kitchen is the heart of the house for many. There, we prepare recipes, but also live a wealth of daily adventures. Its decoration deserves our attention, and some good kitchen chairs may bring the greatest possible harmony.

Chairs not only find their place here, we also like having chairs in the living room, in the bedroom or in a beautiful corner of our home where we want to create an enabling atmosphere for reading, disconnection or relax. With or without arms, upholstered or with a cushion, of simple or sinuous linesChairs are companions during our daily life and must convey comfort, personality and singularity.

Wood, rattan, cane… At Ofelia we bet on chairs made of natural materials.

With a more natural approach you can take care of your home’s essence and ensure your best well-being. We like pure materials, those that wrap us with their simplicity, but also bring an elegant and different charm that captivates us.

Wood is one of the timeless materials most used in interior design. Its different shades, its textures, the warmth it gives off… It is a material that cannot be missing in our home. Opting for wooden chairs means discovering a universe full of possibilities. Teak, elm, pine, birch, beech…

For lovers of nature and materials that respect it, we have natural fibres chairs. The truth is that if you have a lot of plants, flowers and fresh and light fabrics at home, the furniture should complete it in order to achieve a more natural atmosphere. How about some rattan or cane chairs? We find they are wonderful.

Whatever your choice is, all our models fulfil the TEST REPORT of durability, stability and resistance. A collection of chairs so that decorating your home will be an amazing journey.

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