Wall lamp Raswin

20x13xH26 cm
If you love having elements at home that are both organic and minimalist, then this wall lamp is perfect for you. Its curved design and the rods give it a unique and elegant touch, which will certainly catch everyone’s attention. In addition, its versatility will allow you to place it in different places in the house. Its simple...

Wall lamp Alizea

√ė22xH35 cm
When it comes to design, there are certain pieces which we simply fall in love with at first sight. This wall lamp is one of those cases. It is not an ordinary sconce; its lantern shape is what makes it so special and charming. Made of bamboo, this wall light will make a difference at the entrance of your home, in the hallway or even next...

Light for a calm home... Wall lamps by OFELIA Home & Decor

Living at full speed takes its toll on us. So, make your home a haven of tranquillity that helps you find balance. Enhance the sense of calm through lighting, creating serene atmospheres and a decoration that conveys a feeling of comfort.

They provide warmth, style, comfort... They illuminate indirectly and promote the feeling of well-being. It is a delight to dress the walls with them because they are practical and decorative. Wall lamps can illuminate the space and transform the environment, whether alone or together.

They are aesthetic and help to reinforce lighting in many areas of the house. At the entrance, the hallway or dark areas, wall lights have the power to transform the environment and make it more welcoming and comfortable.

Every space deserves its design. Whether used as ambiance lighting or as a main light source, bedroom wall lights are a trend. It is your space of relax, the place where you enjoy a well-deserved rest. Make it cosy, welcoming, quiet... Our proposals will help you decorate it and get the bedroom you want so much.

Wow! It will be the mantra you will repeat every time you enter your bathroom. Bright and beautiful, thanks to wall sconces that provide a feeling of spaciousness and make the place even more attractive.

As you can see, wall lights are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to illuminate the home, enhance the beauty of the walls or add a touch of elegance to a space. You will blur the excess of direct light and illuminate key areas of your home in a more relaxed way. You will be amazed by the result of some bamboo or rattan lamps on the walls of the corridor, the warmth they bring to the living room or as they sweeten the light in the bedroom.

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