Chair Marta natural

Ø41xH91 cm
Chairs are an essential part of your kitchen decoration. They are the final touch that completes the look and unites everything. Marta is a wooden chair with a beautiful finish that brings character and charm. This upholstered chair, made of elm wood, has a jute seat that gives it a rustic and cozy touch.

Bench Aurelio

170x57xH52 cm
At Ofelia, we are fascinated by pieces that are not afraid to stand out and, no matter where you place them, because they will always become an eye-catcher. Therefore, we are in love with this wonderful natural rattan bench.Its design is simply wonderful and stands out for its elegance and originality. In addition, its yellow velvet...

Headboard Ottawa 100x20xH120 cm

Ottawa headboard. The key piece to give character and style to your bedroom. This padded headboard is made of 100% cotton with synthetic fibre filling. It is ideal for single/twin beds measuring between 80 and 100 cm. The variety of chalk tones offered by this design increases the warmth it gives off and creates an atmosphere of the most welcoming.

3 seater birch wood Atlas ecru color

220x90xH75 cm
3-seater sofa with ecru canvas upholstery and cushions. Its design provides a natural and atemporal style. It highlights its comfortable and cozy line. Its laces add an original and discreet touch.
Bench Perseo Bench Perseo 2
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Bench Perseo

140x45xH50 cm
Natural brown rattan bench. Highly adaptable and elegant, you will find easily a place for this backless bench. At the hall, in the living room, in the bedroom... With its comfortable black cushion, it will be your best way to add comfort and style to your room.Benches are not usually essential pieces in home decoration but adding one can...

Headboard Ottawa 140x20xH120 cm

Ottawa headboard made of 100% cotton with synthetic fibre filling, for beds measuring between 100 and 140 cm. A buttoned headboard with handmade stitching, subtle and romantic features that bring a sophisticated touch to the bedroom while creating a cosy and warm atmosphere.

Side table Berlese

Ø43xH43 cm
If you are looking for a touch of charm and naturalness for your home, rattan is your best choice. This natural and durable material is perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any room at home. One way to introduce it subtly is with some furniture that gives you functionality like this side table. For its dimensions and...

Chair Marta wash effect

Ø41xH91 cm
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If you want your kitchen to be a reference space in your home, you can’t forget the importance of its decoration. Kitchen chair in natural elm wood, with an aged finish and beige jute upholstered seat. Make this chair your best choice...
Bench Indigo Bench Indigo 2
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Bench Indigo

115x48xH57 cm
Nowadays, benches play an important role in home decoration. Beyond being simple seats, they provide a touch of style that we cannot miss. It is essential to place them strategically in areas where they can be used in a practical way, but also become a plus in the decoration.Indigo is a teak wood bench, with seat made of a synthetic woven...

Rattan armchair Calix

Armchair manufactured in rattan, one model in natural rattan and the other in black enamelled rattan, and black metal legs. Unique piece due to its handcrafted weaving, with an attractive design, which fits in perfectly with the Boho-Chic style trend. Its wide seat and comforting backrest will provide extra comfort both for your living room and for your...

Headboard Ottawa 160x20xH120 cm

Ottawa headboard. A padded headboard, made of 100% cotton with synthetic fibre filling, for Queen size beds with measures between 140 and 160 cm. Available in different chalk shades. All of them are amazing! They also bring brightness and serenity to the bedroom and create an ideal atmosphere for rest.

3 seater birch wood sofa Atlas grey color

220x90xH75 cm
3-seater sofa with grey canvas upholstery and cushions. Its design provides a natural and atemporal style. It highlights its comfortable and cozy line. Its laces add an original and discreet touch.

Side table Berlese

Ø50xH46 cm
Side tables conquer our homes with their great functionality and their ability to decorate any room. At Ofelia we have a wide collection, and all our models always pay tribute to nature and slow life.The Berlese round table is made of rattan and its design is inspired by the typical peacock chairs. The most exotic touch you can add to your...

Rattan armchair Ghana

60x76xH70 cm
Armchair with seat and backrest made of braided rattan, metal legs and seat cushion. The natural rattan construction gives robustness and resistance to our original Ghana armchair. Inspired by the Mediterranean style, it conveys naturalness and a pleasant feeling of comfort and relaxation, all in the perfect neutral colour combination to fit in any home....

3 seater birch sofa Carezza

220x104xH62 cm
3-seater sofa, with birch wood structure, upholstered in white linen fabric with integrated armrests. Elegant and refined, the Padua sofa will make you be charmed by the simplicity of its shapes and the naturalness of its white linen fabric. The high-density foam will ensure full comfort and will favour your daily rest. Its birch wood structure also...

Bench Dover

113x53xH89 cm
At Ofelia, we have a small selection of benches, but as you can see, we have a bit of everything! Whether you are looking for a bench with back or without it, upholstered or natural rattan, here you will find it. But best of all, we have really fantastic benches, like this decorative craft bench.A two-seater bench with a unique design. It...

Headboard Ottawa 200x20xH120 cm

Ottawa headboard. An elegant and sophisticated piece for King size beds with measures between 160 and 200 cm. Made of 100% cotton with synthetic fibre filling. Without a doubt, an extraordinary piece, a padded headboard to make your bedroom look as much as a five-star hotel room.

Chair Kakua

47x52xH82 cm
Materials, colours, light... Let’s look for the natural! Our elm wood chair has straight and refined lines and will become the most noble piece in your dining room.

Coffee table Lucca

Ø63xH49 cm
Lucca is a round side table, handcrafted in bamboo cane, with glass top and a practical bottom tray. The natural materials, rounded shapes and visual lightness that brings the glass make this coffee table the ideal piece to complete the furnishing of a space as used as the living room. It will bring warmth and a beautiful and subtle touch...

Low stool Eris

40x30xH50 cm
Are you looking for a stool that gives your spaces a touch of naturalness? Look no further, our Eris recycled wood stool is just what you need. Made with a blend of reclaimed woods, this low stool is an eco-friendly option, and it is also perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any space at home.
Chair Arov Chair Arov 2
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Chair Arov

49x54xH83 cm
What would you say to this combination? A natural elm wood chair with jute seat. Arov is the union between the rustic style and the contemporary to design a dining room with a special character. A successful way to display your best personality at home.
Bench Ozzy Bench Ozzy 2
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Bench Ozzy

108x43xH45/75 cm
Ozzy is a really charming bench. Its beech wood structure gives it a natural elegance. Its rattan backing gives it originality and freshness.Its simple and minimalist lines are characteristic of the Nordic style. This bench is perfect for those looking for a piece with personality, bringing warmth and style to their home. You’ll want...

Wooden armchair Nerva

80x80xH76 cm
Mango wood structure armchair, with a cream coloured linen cover, high backrest and two armrests. With a simple, minimalist style and compact dimensions, it will fit perfectly in your living room, bedroom or office, adapting perfectly to the decorative style of your home. The high-density foam will give you full comfort and will favour your daily rest....

Modular sofa 2 seater Bargello

150x105xH72 cm
Modular 2-seater sofa with cotton cover and refilled with high quality foam. This piece can be used as an original sofa on its own, or combined with the rest of the pieces from the Bargello collection that best fit your space and preferences. Combine our 2-seater sofa with the corner module and the puff, and you will create a comfortable three-seater sofa...

Reflect who you are with the choice of your furniture... OFELIA Home & Decor

There are endless options to choose from when it comes to furnishing our home. Tables, chairs, stools, benches, armchairs, sofas... a wealth of possibilities! And at Ofelia, we have all these pieces of furniture and more to help you create an impressive space that matches your personality. Our selection features unique designs that add elegance and style to any room. From elegant and modern furniture to cosy and comfortable armchairs, we have everything you need to transform your house into a real home.

One of the highlights of our furniture selection is the wide range of tables we offer. Whether you’re looking for a coffee table to complete the living room or a dining table for family gatherings, we have them. In addition, with our natural wood tables and side tables, you can create a welcoming and elegant meeting place.

We also offer a variety of seats. From chairs and stools to armchairs and sofas, we have seating solutions for the different rooms in your home. All the pieces have been designed with functionality and comfort in mind, so you can relax and rest in style.

The bedroom is a sacred place to retreat and recharge after a long day. But we should not confuse privacy with the lack of attention to its decoration and design. For this reason, in our subcategory of furniture we have gathered a wide collection of headboards that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your personal sanctuary. Fluffy, comfortable and, above all, decorative. There are headboards for all tastes! From upholstered models with capitoné to others with more modern, straight and minimalist lines. Thus, although intimacy remains essential, you don’t have to compromise on style and design.

We understand the importance of personalizing your home. That’s why we offer unique designs and organic materials that allow us to express our personality through the choice of furniture.

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