Low stool Suay

Ø35xH45 cm
We present our Suay stool, a low stool of classic design and rustic style. It is perfect as an extra seat or to complete any corner at home with its natural charm. In addition, this wooden stool is very resistant thanks to its manufacturing in treated teak wood. Whether you use it as an additional seat or as a decorative piece, its...

Modular sofa 3 seater Bargello

220x105xH70 cm
Modular 3-seater sofa with cotton cover and refilled with high quality foam. Modular sofas are the best option to create your most personalised rest composition and the one that best fits your preferences. Our Bargello 3-seater modular sofa is a piece that you can use as an original sofa on its own, or combine it with the other pieces from the Bargello...
Teak armchair Ripetta Teak armchair Ripetta 2
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Teak armchair Ripetta

70x75xH84 cm
Teak armchair with armrests in net-shaped natural fibres and beige-coloured cushions on the seat and backrest. Ripetta is a seat with an imposing rustic style design and outstanding originality that will become the centre of attention for its decorative value and personality, as well as for its comfort during your relaxing moments.The teak wood gives...

Chair Midas

60x58xH105 cm
A solid and especially comfortable chair, an arch back with bars, a subtle inclination and a beautiful black colour. Midas is a chair with arms and the characteristic and distinctive Windsor style. This chair is made of birch wood and is a design classic we offer you in Ofelia with a modernized and adapted to current days design.

Modular corner sofa Bargello

105x105xH70 cm
Modular corner sofa with cotton cover and refilled with high quality foam. A piece of modern design, highly functional, that you can use to complete a bedroom or an office, creating your own Chill Out corner and giving a different and original touch to your room. Besides using it as an individual puff, you can combine it with the rest of the Bargello...

Side table Dysis

123x42xH81.5 cm
Add a sophisticated touch and functionality to your living room with our Dysis side table. Versatile, practical and very original, this table is made of natural rattan and its design with two heights provides us with space to keep objects always at hand. In addition, this model will be key if you want to get a natural and personal...

Teak armchair Arabella

87x75xH87 cm
Armchair crafted in teak wood, with vertical branches in the armrests and backrest and a comfortable beige cushion on the seat. Arabella is an armchair with an imposing rustic design and a marked originality that will become the centre of attention for its decorative contribution and personality. The teak wood gives our Arabella armchair robustness and...

Mango TV stand Ivon 130x40xH55 cm

TV stand manufactured in natural mango wood with double door, drawer and front shelf. Its simple and natural design, in with the metal handles stand out, and its natural finish make it a piece of furniture with a classic and timeless style that fits easily into any space.

Chair Ozzy

50x53xH78 cm
Rattan and beech wood chair with cushion. Ozzy is attractive, resistant and durable! Thanks to its original combination of natural materials, it will adapt to the room you prefer, bringing an exotic and timeless touch.

Floor cushion Brian

58x58xH32 cm
If you are looking for a floor cushion in natural fibres and original design, Brian is the best option for you. This jute cushion is the perfect ally for those interiors that seek the warmth and naturalness of the materials. As well as brightening up the decoration of your home, floor cushions are very versatile and practical accessories.

Chair Parisienne

51x45xH91 cm
Rattan chair with curved backrest, reinforced legs and woven fibre seat. Light and full of personality, the Parisienne kitchen chair, with its unmistakable bistro style, will bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to this space that is usually the soul of the house.

Modular sofa puff Bargello

85x85xH35 cm
Pouf for modular sofa with cotton cover and refilled with high quality foam. Comfortable, soft and light, our Bargello puff will help you create your relaxing, reading, disconnection corners..., both in your bedroom and even in an office or in the living room. Another excellent option is to combine it with the other pieces from the Bargello collection,...

Side table Arsen

94x45xH81 cm
Rectangular table made of rattan, with top and bottom trays. Simple, classic and versatile, it is an excellent auxiliary unit to complete the design of your home rooms.Its natural and handcrafted nature will bring the best touch to your home decoration.

Birch armchair Trento

72x85xH65 cm
Low armchair with birch wood structure, upholstered in grey fabric and with a low metal support. Its simple, minimalist style and compact dimensions will fit perfectly in your living room, bedroom or office, matching perfectly with the decorative style of your home. The high-density foam will ensure full comfort and will favour your daily rest. Its birch...

Floor cushion Corey

59x40xH28 cm
In the living room, in the lounge, in the bedroom... floor cushions are very functional decorative pieces that cannot be left out in the decoration of your home. Our floor cushion in jute Corey model brings not only naturalness and freshness to the atmosphere, but also texture and comfort to your spaces.

Modular corner sofa Bora

95x74xH48/25 cm
Modular corner sofa manufactured in cotton with recycled cotton filling. A highly functional piece that you can use to complement your living room, bedroom or office, creating your own chill-out corner and adding a different and original touch to your room. In addition to using it as an individual pouffe, you can also combine it with the 1-seater modular...

Chair Nayanna

45x59xH80 cm
There are many ways of giving a natural touch to your home decoration. For example, some beautiful rattan chairs must not be missing around the table. Nayanna is an original design hand-braided and with metal legs. You can also choose among brown, black, grey or even combine these three models.

Side table Selene

Ø50xH62 cm
Side table in raw oak wood and black steel base. With a beautiful top and a cross-shaped design, this round side table will give your rooms a more welcoming and natural air.

Floor cushion Evans

114x57xH44 cm
Thanks to its size and its rectangle design, this floor cushion will offer an extra support point in your rooms and it also will improve the decoration that gives life to your home. Evans is a floor cushion in natural fibres that stands out for the original and colourful print fabric. An auxiliary piece that joins the new trends in...

Modular sofa 1 seater Bora

85x85xH50/25 cm
1-seater modular sofa manufactured in cotton with recycled cotton filling. Comfortable and soft, our Bora modular sofa will become the absolute protagonist of your moments of rest, relaxation, reading and disconnection. Perfect for your bedroom, office or living room. You can combine it with the other pieces in the Bora collection to create your own fully...
Teak armchair Margutta Teak armchair Margutta 2
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Teak armchair Margutta

76x69xH68 cm
Armchair manufactured in non-treated teak wood, with seat and backrest in natural fibre weaving and four reinforced legs. The marks and irregularities typical of 100% natural teak wood are a good example of the respect for the raw material during its manufacture. A handcrafted production method that will give you an unique piece of furniture that is both...

Bench Merini

61x34xH66 cm
When we think about design, something unique and out of the ordinary comes to mind. And that’s mainly what we found on this teak wood bench.A piece that stands out for its originality and uniqueness, since it does not look like conventional wooden benches. Its natural finish conveys warmth and authenticity. And the hand-braided...
Bed headboard with a natural recycled elm wood structure, covered in foam and with a linen and cotton cover in beige. Its ageless and simple design allows it to be easily adapted to different atmospheres, bringing warmth to your bedroom, thanks to the combination of natural wood and textile.

Chair Mykonos

54X52xH77 cm
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Cane chair with a natural style and an incredible warmth. With its round shapes and red cushion, it is the perfect chair to find the balance any home needs.
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