Armchair Caronte

87x93xH77 cm
Comfort and style are the words that best define the Caronte armchair. Structure in birch wood, removable upholstery in beige cotton and cushions made of the same fabric. An individual armchair that you can place in different spaces of the house. For its simple design and neutral colour, this model is the versatile piece you were...

Low chair Calix

Low chair made of rattan and black metal legs. Its large seat, which includes the cushion, and the comforting backrest will bring an extra comfort to the space where you place it. Our Calix low chair is robust, resistant and will contribute to create a more welcoming and natural atmosphere in your home decoration. Don’t...

Low chair Ghana

60x76xH70 cm
The Ghana low chair is a beautiful piece that combines elegance and comfort. Its seat and backrest are made of braided rattan, which gives it a natural look and undeniable resistance. The legs in black metal give stability and durability. Inspired by the Mediterranean style, our Ghana low chair includes a beige cushion on the seat to...

Armchair Nerva

80x80xH76 cm
Individual armchair with mango wood structure and cream linen cover. Nerva is the ideal armchair for those who look for relaxing moments without overlooking their home decoration.
Armchair Ripetta Armchair Ripetta 2
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Armchair Ripetta

70x75xH84 cm
It is practical and comfortable... The Ripetta armchair is also a reflection of trends in decoration. An aesthetic of pure and minimalist lines and the touch of organic materials that create cosier ad more welcoming environments.An individual armchair with teak wood structure ideal to create a space that cares and gives you calm. And...
Armchair Arabella Armchair Arabella 2
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Armchair Arabella

87x75xH87 cm
€210.00 €350.00
The light tone of teak wood and the beige cushion make the Arabella armchair a piece easy to combine with the rest of your home decor. Its natural and relaxed style brings warmth and personality to any environment, becoming a key decorative element.Without a doubt, the Arabella wooden armchair will be a perfect choice for those looking...
Armchair Trento Armchair Trento 2
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Armchair Trento

72x85xH65 cm
€396.00 €660.00
If you are looking for a unique and elegant piece of furniture for your home, look no further. The Trento armchair is the perfect choice for those who want to combine style and delicacy. This sophisticated individual armchair is made of birch wood, ensuring its durability and resistance. The high-density foam promotes comfort, and the...
Low chair Margutta Low chair Margutta 2
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Low chair Margutta

76x69xH68 cm
The Margutta low chair is made of untreated teak wood, giving it a natural and rustic look. The seat and backrest are woven with natural fibers that provide a cozy and organic touch. The marks and irregularities of teak wood increase its unique and authentic character, showing the care and respect for the raw material used in its...

Armchair Bekka

72x80xH80 cm
Darker greys are a super elegant and current option to decorate your home. The Bekaa armchair has everything you need to help you create depth and be the star piece of any of your spaces. A design of straight lines, a sophisticated colour and the charm of natural fabrics. It is ideal to create an elegant and balanced room.As if all this...

Armchair Bekka

72x80xH80 cm
If you are looking for an armchair that fits a living room with a lot of use, a removable armchair is the perfect solution. This type of armchair allows you to remove and wash the cover easily, which is ideal if you have small children or also pets at home. You will no longer have to worry about difficult stains, simply draw and wash.Bekaa...
Armchair Toifel Armchair Toifel 2
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Armchair Toifel

66x68xH80 cm
The Toifel armchair perfectly combines design and sustainability. Its washed-effect elm structure gives it a rustic and natural look, while the seat and backrest in paper rope give it a modern and original touch. It is not only elegant and beautiful, but also environmentally friendly, since only ecological materials are used in its...

Armchair Hades

62x60xH80 cm
If you love furniture with an organic and natural design, the Hades armchair is perfect for you. Its smooth and elegant curves, as well as its crossed legs, give it that sophisticated look. But what really makes this individual armchair special is its cotton fabric, which gives it a casual and vivid look.It is a piece that adapts to any...

Armchair Hefeso

71x88xH73 cm
Oak wooden armchair with armrests in natural finish with seat cushion and backrest in ecru. It highlights its lounger-like structure and its simple style line. Its simplicity brings elegance and atemporality to your living room or reading corner.

Armchair Ares

68x83xH77 cm
The Ares armchair is a magnificent piece for your living room. An individual armchair in birch wood in natural tone, with a bed base shaped structure that gives a unique and special touch. In addition, it has comfortable seat and back cushions in beige tone, which add elegance and comfort. Do not hesitate to add this furniture to your...

Low chair Hebe grey

63x75xH78 cm
Hebe is a truly original low chair. Made of oak wood and upholstered with a canvas type textile, this low chair combines style and comfort. Its structure without armrests gives it a modern and minimalist look, ideal for those looking for a refined design. In addition, its elegance and timelessness make it a perfect piece for any space...
Low chair Hebe beige Low chair Hebe beige 2
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Low chair Hebe beige

63x75xH78 cm
1 Reviews
If you are passionate about design, this low chair will fascinate you. Its armless structure gives it a modern and minimalist style that evokes the sophisticated armchairs of Mid-century Modern style.Hebe is the perfect low chair for those looking for a unique and elegant piece of furniture for their home. Thanks to its canvas seat and...

Armchair Apolo

64x83xH75 cm
This armchair in oak wood has been handcrafted which makes it a unique, durable and sustainable piece.In addition, with its seat and cushion back in grey canvas fabric, manages to create personalized and very cozy environments. A very original armchair that offers many possibilities at home and that enhances the decoration of any room.

Low chair Sritino

73x68xH68 cm
1 Reviews
There is no doubt that including natural materials in your home is always a success, and with this fabulous low chair you will do it with a lot of elegance. It is a very comfortable seat that will help you to rest; as well as very functional, because it offers the possibility of combining it with different decorative styles. It is made of...

Armchair Flora

73x60xH75 cm
2 Reviews
Organic material par excellence, jute is perfect to connect with nature. With it, very beautiful furniture is manufactured and perfect for decorating a home.The Flora armchair is made of braided jute and its legs are made of black metal. A very natural design that you can only find at OFELIA Home & Decor.

Style and comfort in a single piece… Armchairs by OFELIA Home & Decor

At first glance, we might think that it plays a secondary role at home. However, the armchair is an essential piece of furniture that is at basis of the comfort to which we all aspire. It is the single seat par excellence and at Ofelia, we love it in all its forms and designs.

Of course, the more comfortable the better! But if we also choose super attractive armchairs, we can create the perfect atmosphere and enhance the decoration of any interior. Everything is a matter of style and with the great variety of models that we put at your fingertips, you will get just that: style and comfort in one piece.

The living room is usually the favourite place. Here it is like a throne, the one that belongs to you and that you long for during the day. Next to the sofa, an upholstered armchair can reign large and imposes itself with its simple presence.

Fluffy, made with delicate fabrics such as linen and with a padded cushion, it is not surprising that we want it everywhere! King of the living room, the armchair has no qualms in conquering other rooms of the house, offering us even more opportunities to relax.

Wooden armchairs provide a special warmth and a relaxing natural touch. Just what a bedroom or office need, two spaces where tranquillity takes precedence over everything else. Some have even the backrest reclined! Of course, this seat watches over our well-being, and also our home.

Made of Oak, birch, teak, elm... At Ofelia, the wooden armchairs have a privileged place and reinforce our commitment to handcrafted, sustainable and respectful furniture. And that’s not all! We have also thought of those little corners you want to furnish with style and good taste. For them, our jute or rattan armchairs will be perfect: smaller, but just as beautiful and pleasant.

Do not wait any longer and choose the armchair of your dreams. All of them have a unique charm and will make something very special happen in the heart of your home.

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