Bag Sika ocre

50x40 cm
The best accessory for the most fashion people. A joyful cloth bag made of 100% cotton and with a daisy print. Wide handles, two patch pockets and a pocket with zip. The ideal summer bag, wide and spacious to carry all you need and spend time outdoors.

Throw Sarabi

130x150 cm
We present you another novelty in our collection of home textiles, a throw made of 100% cotton. This plaid will keep you warm during the change of season, and it will also add a touch of style to your home decoration. The fridges on the edges and the subtle handmade print create a unique and artistic touch. The Sarabi throw is a great accessory for any...

Women pyjamas Leire white

It is hard to resist the comfort of pyjamas, isn’t it? At Ofelia, we offer a beautiful set to make you feel good at night, and also during the day. The Leire women`s pyjamas, with its adjustable shorts and button-down shirt, are a must in good weather. In cotton and white, it is the coolest outfit you can wear. Eternal breakfasts,...

Quilt 90 bed Darien

180x250 cm
Single/twin quilt slightly padded and with an ethnic pattern. These cotton bouti quilts are your best option to achieve a good rest during the mid-season months. We love them for their textures and the great variety of patterns.

Rug Akila 120x180 cm

Jute rug in sandy colours and colourful touches. A true breath of fresh air to complete the design of your favourite room. Natural, light and so pleasing to the eye... Akila is the style that best suits you.

Bag Sika grey

50x40 cm
The oversized trend has just arrived to beach bags with large and powerful models such as our Sika cloth bag. It is made of 100% cotton corduroy, has wide handles and three pockets inside, one of them with zip. The beach or the pool will be the ideal place to parade in style thanks to this original summer bag with a daisy print.

Throw Siham

130x150 cm
This beautiful throw is the perfect complement to any corner of your home. It`s not just an accessory, it`s also incredibly comfortable and envelops you with its cosy texture. It is made of 100% cotton and has been traditionally hand-dyed. Its size fits any sofa or bed and can be used as a functional and decorative item to add warmth and personality to...

Women pyjamas Leire blue stripes

At Ofelia, we design products to make your home the most pleasant place in the world. And now we go even a little further... We present our Leire women`s pyjamas has been designed for you, to enjoy your time at home to the fullest. In 100% cotton, it is a beautiful set with button-down shirt and adjustable shorts in an original blue...
Apron Artai Apron Artai 2
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Apron Artai

65x85 cm
Kitchen apron with peach print. Made of 100% hand-dyed cotton. Design with straps and maxi pockets. The apron that gives you the comfort you need while being stylish.

Quilt 135 bed Darien

230x250 cm
Queen size bed quilt, made of cotton and filled with synthetic fibres. Its light padding makes it the best bouti quilt in spring or autumn. Discover the variety of patterns and make this reversible quilt your new decorative versatility.

Rug Akila 170x240 cm

Jute rug for the best comfort at home. Its tones are bright, its texture is generous and its design is extremely natural and cheerful. Opting for it will be a success for sure if you want to bring a very ethnic decorative plus to your home.

Bag Makena green

50x40 cm
There is no summer without a beach bag. It is an essential accessory during the summer season, because you can carry many things with it: the towel, the suncream, the flip-flops, a bikini to get changed, a book… The Makena cloth bag is made of a soft 100% cotton corduroy, with a boho print and sailor striped inner lining. Wide...

Square cushion Siham

50x50 cm
The cushion is the key accessory to give the final touch to the decoration. And the comfort they provide is essential to the sleeping experience. The Siham decorative cushion is made of 100% cotton with a polyester filling. Its texture is soft to the touch and its padding is very pleasant. This 50x50 cm printed cushion is all you need to create a warmer...

Women pyjamas Leire beige stripes

Women`s pyjamas in washed cotton. Short-sleeved shirt with shirt collar and shorts. Bohemian air silhouettes, organic textiles and an exquisite combination between femininity and masculinity that is surprisingly trendy. A woman’s short pyjamas that embraces our dreams and allows us to be fabulous at any time. You will want to wear it...

Set of 4 napkins Diara

45x45 cm
Set of 4 cloth napkins in salmon tones, made of 100% hand dyed cotton. Decorated with beautiful prints and hemstitch edging. Perfect for everyday use, but also ideal for special moments, when we are looking for a more elegant table.

Quilt 180 bed Darien

270x280 cm
King size quilt made of cotton with synthetic fibre filling. A reversible bouti quilt that stands out for its exotic patterns and the lightness and comfort of its material. The best accessory to sleep loosely...

Rug Akila 200x300 cm

Large rug with a youthful and fresh style. A real breath of fresh and colourful air for the decoration of your dining room. It is made of jute; a noble material that brings us closer to nature. The best option to have a sustainable and bright home.

Bag Makena wine

50x40 cm
The summer is here, and that means it is time to get a beautiful beach bag. If you have children, you know that if you spend a day with them at the beach, you need large bags with capacity for keep thousands of things. The Makena cloth bag is ideal for mums: soft 100% cotton fabric, boho print, wide handles, well divided. More than a bag,...

Women pyjamas Lili white

Women`s pyjamas in 100% cotton. You can sleep peacefully and feel in total comfort with these white pyjamas designed for the warmest nights of the year. T-shirt with adjustable straps and V-neck, shorts with drawstring and a design of simple lines that you will want to have in your summer wardrobe. We love that moment of arriving home and...

Rug Briony 120x180 cm

Call it as you wish, fibre rug, jute rug, but don`t forget to have any kind of rug or mat in your home, because it is one of the top trends of the season.

Cotton quilt 90 bed Ottawa

180x250 cm
Single/twin bed quilt, made of washed cotton and with synthetic fibre filling. We know that you will love its different designs of so trendy powdery tones, which will provide a touch of harmonious colour to your home and that will become your most faithful allies to decorate the bedroom.
Crochet throw woven in cotton. This blanket is suitable for sofa, armchair and bed in all seasons, especially in spring and autumn, it is a perfect decoration in the bedroom or living room. This textile is warm and decorative thanks to its design.

Women pyjamas Lili blue stripes

It is fresh, comfortable and youthful. Include this flattering pyjamas in your sleepwear. Look at their finishes! Loose silhouette, V-neckline, bias piping, adjustable shoulder straps and lace-up waist. Cotton pyjamas that embrace our dreams and invite us to bring out our most casual side. Softness and lightness are the most sought-after...

Sarong towel Andru

100x180 cm
Andru sarong towel. It has been made of cotton and has two sides, one is plain and the other in terry, for a major comfort. An original and essential in summer accessory. Discover now its advantages and their different patterns.

Softness, delicacy, warmth, comfort... Textiles by OFELIA Home & Decor

Home should be our favourite place, where we can feel protected and also free. It is a space that reflects who we are and therefore everything in it is part of our identity. There we all want to feel comfort, warmth and a cozy feeling that we can enhance through design and decoration.

At Ofelia, we believe that feeling at home is essential, and one of the things that can multiply that sensation is the home textile. These accessories have a major role in home decoration, but they are also highly functional and able to convey our personality and style.

We can incorporate textiles in all rooms of the house, making them more comfortable, cozy and personalized. In this section of Ofelia, you will find a wide variety of products, with versatile designs that will adapt to what your home needs.

It is the heart of the home and the most familiar meeting point, so kitchen and table textiles are essential. Tablecloths, napkins, placemats, aprons, kitchen towels... Beautiful sets and easily combinable designs to make every occasion special and unique.

Cushions are the accessories that give more life to a home. Their decorative and functional purposes place them among the favourites to renew a room in seconds. A nice decorative cushion on the armchair, lots of cushions on the sofa, cushions of different sizes on the bed... They are wonderful! And we cannot forget the seat cushions, which will make our chairs much more comfortable. And to get a more original and casual touch there is nothing like the floor cushions, so practical and modern.

To give texture to a space, the key is in the carpets and rugs. They protect our floors, with them you can delimit areas, balance an environment and define style. With ours you will unleash your imagination and creativity.

When we think about home textiles, we imagine soft, delicate and pleasant accessories. Plaids, blankets and cotton quilts meet these needs. With its subtle colours and exquisite touch will fit in the bedroom and also on the sofa. The truth is that they are like a comforting embrace...

And to feel really comfortable, discover our collection of night dresses and pyjamas for women, perfect for the summer season. They are simple and perfect designs for a complete relax. In our textile section you also have available a beautiful variety of bags with which you will have nice outfits.

What is more, if you like eco-friendly decoration, you will love to know that natural fibers are the protagonists in our home textiles. Cotton, seagrass, jute... Materials that provide well-being and that will give your space the maximum naturalness.

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