Table lamp Nakoa

35x27xH34 cm
Did you know that light can be your best deco ally? Our Nakoa table lamp comes to your home with the firm intention of beautifying all your rooms. In its design, the combination of materials gives it all its uniqueness: copper base and fiber lampshade. Look at it! It is pure beauty...

Table lamp Tacana

35x27xH34 cm
They are a sure success when it comes to home lighting. Table lamps are a secondary source of light with which you can get a much warmer and more relaxing atmosphere. If you also opt for designs such as our Tacana lamp model, with its glass base and natural fiber lampshade, you will add character and personality to your decoration.

Table lamp Mauna

Ø40xH70 cm
If you are looking for a piece for the ambient lighting of your rooms, you should consider getting one of these table lamps. They not only provide light, but also raise the level of decoration and customize the spaces. Mauna is a functional, elegant and very glamorous table lamp. Quite a success! It has a captivating retro style and an overwhelming...

Table lamp Asha

Ø40xH70 cm
Sometimes, home decoration has been the same for many years and needs a new look. Changing the lamps can make a big difference. Asha is a table lamp with metal base, rope, velvet lampshade and a visually very powerful design. It decorates by itself. It doesn’t need more. It’s perfect if you want your home to turn from a boring one to another full of...

Table lamp Hekla

Ø40xH70 cm
Table lamps are essential in any home. They are so versatile pieces that can suit any type of atmospheres. With its retro air, this modern table lamp is all what you need to illuminate your home with style and to bring that chic touch we like so much. This handmade piece has an aged metal base lined with rope and a velvet upholstered cylindrical...

Table lamp Romila Ø40xH50 cm

Table lamp made from natural cane with a velvet shade in two colours: red or green. A highly functional lamp that, thanks to its size and presence, will adapt to the console table in your hallway, the side table in your living room or your bedside table in the bedroom. The openwork of the base made of cane, will create a beautiful effect by letting the...
Table lamp with a pineapple-shaped design in golden colour. It illuminates and decorates your rooms thanks to its originality by combining the colonial style with its contemporary gold finish.

High table lamp Tyr 15x25xH56 cm

1 Reviews
High table lamp with vertical open metal shade in black and copper finish. Combine it with an Edison style straight-tubular bulb and illuminate your spaces with this vintage industrial style decorative object, which brings style with its simple lines.

Bamboo table lamp Aresta Ø18xH45 cm

Table lamp shade made in bamboo with a natural finish. Its simplicity and the neutrality of its material transmits serenity by projecting an upholstered illumination thanks to its design. Its lantern-like shape adds an exotic air.

Table lamp Bragi 27x7.5xH4 cm

1 Reviews
Black table lamp with clamp. Combine it with an Edison style crystal ball light bulb and illuminate your spaces with this vintage industrial style decorative object, which brings style with simple lines. Thanks to its original clamp you can adjust it both to a table and a shelf, allowing you to put a point of light also in your bookshelves.
Table lamp pineapple Pomme... Table lamp pineapple Pomme... 2
Table lamp in the shape of a pineapple in golden colour. Its originality derives from the mix of colonial and indian style and its more contemporary gold finish. It decorates as well as illuminates your spaces.

Much more than a light source... Table lamps by OFELIA Home & Decor

In home decoration there are a variety of elements that, can improve the aesthetics and the atmosphere of a room if they are well selected. One of the most important, both for its functionality and its ability to provide style, is light. It is essential to have good lighting, and for this, we cannot underestimate the decisive role that table lamps have.

They are the ideal accessory with which we can complete all the rooms of the house, because a beautiful table lamp is much more than a source of light... It is the best way to poetize the atmosphere of your home and create the perfect space for every occasion.

At the entrance, on the console table, it offers the best welcome; in the living room, on the corner table, to enjoy a pleasant reading; in the dining room, on a sideboard or a side table, creating a greater feeling of warmth and harmony; in the bedroom, on the bedside table, it gives us a warm light at the end of the day... even in the hallway, that great forgotten area in many homes, an original table lamp can turn it into an amazing space.

At Ofelia, we have a varied selection of designs, so that you get the desired effect: warmth, elegance, modernity, originality, nostalgia... Materials and shapes are essential for lighting to be a success.  Metal, natural fibers, velvet and glass lamps or combining different materials. Our table lamps bring style and uniqueness.

They are versatile and the decorative possibilities increase thanks to the interesting play of lights we can create with them. They are exquisite in decoration and functionality, so they cannot be missing at home.

Discover the appeal of each of our designer lamps and define your atmospheres with their charm. Take advantage of their ability to create pleasant sensations and make your home a unique and wonderful place.

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