Side table Berlese

Ø43xH43 cm
If you are looking for a touch of charm and naturalness for your home, rattan is your best choice. This natural and durable material is perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any room at home. One way to introduce it subtly is with some furniture that gives you functionality like this side table. For its dimensions and...

Side table Berlese

Ø50xH46 cm
Side tables conquer our homes with their great functionality and their ability to decorate any room. At Ofelia we have a wide collection, and all our models always pay tribute to nature and slow life.The Berlese round table is made of rattan and its design is inspired by the typical peacock chairs. The most exotic touch you can add to your...

Coffee table Lucca

Ø63xH49 cm
Lucca is a round side table, handcrafted in bamboo cane, with glass top and a practical bottom tray. The natural materials, rounded shapes and visual lightness that brings the glass make this coffee table the ideal piece to complete the furnishing of a space as used as the living room. It will bring warmth and a beautiful and subtle touch...

Side table Dysis

123x42xH81.5 cm
Add a sophisticated touch and functionality to your living room with our Dysis side table. Versatile, practical and very original, this table is made of natural rattan and its design with two heights provides us with space to keep objects always at hand. In addition, this model will be key if you want to get a natural and personal...

Side table Arsen

94x45xH81 cm
Rectangular table made of rattan, with top and bottom trays. Simple, classic and versatile, it is an excellent auxiliary unit to complete the design of your home rooms.Its natural and handcrafted nature will bring the best touch to your home decoration.

Side table Selene

Ø50xH62 cm
Side table in raw oak wood and black steel base. With a beautiful top and a cross-shaped design, this round side table will give your rooms a more welcoming and natural air.
Coffee table Selene Coffee table Selene 2
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Coffee table Selene

Ø90xH36 cm
1 Reviews
Coffee tables are much more than just living room furniture; they are a meeting point that encourages coexistence. A family gathering, a coffee with friends or a quiet moment... These tables are witnesses of unforgettable moments, and as such are key elements of the daily life of our home. In addition, they add style and personality to the...

Side table Celine

Ø60xH60 cm
Round side table. Both tabletops are made of seagrass in two shades, so when braiding the material, a beautiful contrast between natural colour and black is created. The structure is made of rattan, which provides an exotic touch to the space where you place it. Although it seems simple, this side table combines the functionality and...

Side table Claudine

Ø41xH50 cm
Rattan and seagrass are the main protagonists of this small side table. With cylindrical structure, its woven top plays with natural and white thread detail.Freshness and harmony... Claudine is the best way to add organic touches to the decoration of your spaces.

Side table Eliette

Ø40xH46 cm
Side tables have multiple functions, so at Ofelia we have a beautiful selection of models. Eliette is your best choice if you need a round, low table made of natural fibers. Rattan and seagrass are the materials that shape this auxiliary unit that will bring warmth and style to your home decoration.

Round table Geraldine

Ø65xH75 cm
Natural fibres in their best! This model of round table has everything to delight you. With its rattan structure and braided seagrass top, it will create the best contrast to decorate any corner at home.

Serving trolley Jasmine

Ø40xH60/67 cm
A serving trolley is a modern and functional piece that can become that indispensable piece in your home, so at Ofelia, we encourage you to discover all its features. Jasmine is a serving trolley with wheels for easy transport. With its rattan and seagrass structure, this design will delight your guests. In addition to the upper level, it...
Serving trolley Juliette Serving trolley Juliette 2
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Serving trolley Juliette

70x43xH85 cm
Juliette has everything to become your best kitchen helper. A serving trolley with rattan structure and two hand-braided trays with drawings made by combining threads in white, pink and blue.It will be your faithful companion, always ready to help you in all your tasks. Its large surface will give you more than enough space to have...

Side table Bijao

Ø38xH43 cm
The Bijao side table is much more than a simple small table. It is a unique and beautiful piece, made of natural mango wood and glazed top with delicate floral motifs. Its elegant and sophisticated design will help you to dress any corner at home. Whether in the living room, bedroom or hall, its size makes it perfect for any space, and...

Side table Sasja

Ø40xH54 cm
If you are looking for a versatile and functional side table, the Sasja round table is the ideal choice. Black metal structure, rattan top tray and a practical basket also made of rattan... It is perfect for your home! We are sure that wherever you decide, this side table will be very useful.

Folding sides table Oleg

150x90/50xH77 cm
Having a folding sides table with at home is a very practical and versatile solution. And with Ofelia, it is also an excellent decorative option.The Oleg model is a beautiful natural wood table. It has a lower shelf, and its legs are with lathe tread. Best of all? It has two folding sides which makes it functional, attractive and...
Side table Rizzoli Side table Rizzoli 2
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Side table Rizzoli

35x35xH49 cm
A side table is always useful at home. Versatile furniture par excellence, it gives us functionality and a lot of style.This is our Rizzoli teak wood table with square top and four reinforced legs. It will not be difficult for you to get the best out of it in your home decoration.

Side table Arthur

41x32xH46 cm
The unique details of some pieces of furniture are what make them so exclusive. That’s what happens with our Arthur table. With its undeniably rustic inspiration, this coffee table will allow you to get the right touch of warmth and style you need for that space in your home you love so much.Teak solid wood side table. The irregular...
Coffee table Arno Coffee table Arno 2
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Coffee table Arno

90x60xH44 cm
Coffee table made with intertwined branches and teak wood. Simply stunning! The effort and skill required to create such an exceptional piece are evident when looking at it. Finding the right logs, shaping them and polishing each surface, requires great dedication to achieve the perfect crafted wooden table.The top is a work of art, each...
Dining table Arno Dining table Arno 2
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Dining table Arno

Ø100xH80 cm
Round dining table, made of natural teak wood. It can be seen in its texture and in each slit. Without a doubt, nature is the undeniable source of inspiration of its design. Our Arno round table will allow you to create a personalized atmosphere in your dining room or in the kitchen. You simply unleash your creativity and enjoy the...
Dining table Priyanca Dining table Priyanca 2
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Dining table Priyanca

240x90xH77 cm
This rectangular table takes on prominence thanks to its natural features and organic design. With capacity for 12 diners, it is the most successful piece for the design of large spaces.Made of varnished solid teak wood with four reinforced legs, Priyanca is a sturdy, durable and very stylish dining table.

Side table Baron

Ø40xH50 cm
Side tables are a key piece in decoration. They are a practical and very aesthetic piece of furniture. If you bet on a design like this, functional and sustainable, your house will win in style.Baron is a teak wood side table with a modern and elegant design. This round side table with tripod-shaped legs and a beautiful mosaic-effect top...

Coffee table Baron

Ø70xH40 cm
1 Reviews
Give your living room the style it deserves with the Baron coffee table. A very attractive and original design with metal geometric structure. And a polygonal top that seems to float on the floor, built with teak wood of different tones and textures.An ethereal-looking low table that anyone would want in their home. It is beautiful yet...
 Side table Belka  Side table Belka 2
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Side table Belka

Ø37xH42 cm
This side table is a true cult object for lovers of interior design. Totally handcrafted, it is a round table made of mango wood and the glazed top has geometric drawings. Its lattice-like structure makes it a true work of art.The masterpiece of your decoration! Belka is a low table the originality of which will ipso facto mark the...

Perfect for your home and lifestyle... Ofelia Home & Decor tables

A table is one of the most special pieces of furniture in the house. Think about it, it is the heart of the home, the gathering place of family and friends. Around it, we share meals, talk and play. We also celebrate events, share stories and create lasting bonds. A table is not only a functional piece of furniture, but a symbol of union.

At Ofelia, we are proud of our commitment to elegant and tasteful decor. We believe that every worthwhile living room should have a dining table that presides over the room and gives off personality. That`s why we offer you a complete selection of dining tables and coffee tables, so you can choose the one that best suits your style, your home and your family.

Our simple and natural looking side tables will completely transform your rooms. Whether you want to give your home a more modern and stylish look or if you need to complete a cozy corner, round tables are just what you need.

Imagine enjoying one of your favourite infusions, lying on the sofa and leaving the cup on a beautiful coffee table. You can place decorative pieces or even use it as an improvised workspace. Placing a small vase with fresh flowers or some books will further enhance its charm.

Having a folding table is incredibly practical. You can easily fold it up and store it when it is not being used, saving valuable space at home. And when you need an extra table, unfold it and ready! They are lightweight and easy to transport, which makes them perfect if you are hosting a party or for outdoor events.

But our design tables are not only perfect for these rooms. Your bedroom also deserves a style update. A small table can become the perfect bedside table. Having a nice and solid table right next to the bed, will help you leave all those essential objects such as a book or your phone.

We understand that choosing the right furniture for your home is a personal decision. Perhaps you prefer a rectangular table, a light or dark finish, or even a combination of materials such as oak and metal, that`s why we offer a wide range of wooden tables, so you can find the perfect combination for your style and needs.

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