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Ceramic bowl Milos Ø9xH4.5 cm

Small ceramic bowl, hand-glazed in light grey matte with small irregular details. Its organic shape and rustic style make it perfect for surprising your guests, but at the same time it is highly functional and practical. Each of the items in our Milos tableware is unique because of their careful handcrafted ceramic process, which makes them highly...

Women’s kimono Elian

If you think kimonos are for the most sophisticated, you`re wrong. Nowadays they are a common garment in the dressing room of any woman. Here you have a beautiful long kimono in a light and fluid fabric. It is a timeless and versatile garment, perfect to feel fabulous and comfortable at home or to look stylish in the city.

Ceramic deep plate Milos Ø23 cm

Ceramic deep plate, hand-glazed in matte light grey with small irregular details. Milos is a deep plate that stands out for its organic shape, as well as for its marked rustic style. The plates, more than just a practical tableware accessory to serve your best recipes, will contribute to define the style of your table and will bring your personal touch to...

Chair cushion Elian

Comfort and decoration go hand in hand when it comes to home. And as every detail matters, chair cushions are simply essential. On one hand, they assure much more comfort when we sit and on the other, they are also major creators of style. Our chair cushion Elian model made of cotton, has an extra thick and soft filling. It is reversible and has practical...

Ceramic bowl Milos Ø12xH5 cm

Ceramic bowl, hand-glazed in matte light grey with small irregular details. You can surprise your guests with this bowl because is practical and functional, with its organic shape and its rustic style. Each of our Milos tableware items is unique because of the handcrafted ceramic process used during its careful elaboration. Make our Milos bowl your...

Cutlery set Claudel

Cutlery set that includes table spoon, dessert spoon, table fork, dessert fork and stainless steel table knife. Its refined design allows it to be combined on any table. Their handles in black finish stand out and give an elegant character.

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