Antic hotel desk bell Aksil

Ø10xH10 cm
There is nothing with more charm than recovering antique objects and make them be part of our decoration. If they are singular objects, distinction is ensured. Antique hotel desk bell made of brass. A peculiar decorative object that will awaken your guests’ curiosity.

Antique print block Belmo

17.5x14xH7 cm
Evoking the past has become a popular trend in decoration. These antique wooden print blocks made of carved wood are unusual objects that add a touch of sophistication to any space. Their intricate designs and authentic charm make them a must-have for collectors and vintage enthusiasts. Having one of these antiques at home is a real privilege.

Antique print block Lucio

17x14xH7 cm
Antique print blocks are unusual objects that, surprisingly, can bring an original and unique touch to our home decoration. They are pieces made of carved wood that were used to print different patterns on fabric. Now they have become decorative pieces full of charm.

Antique print block Cedric

20.5x19xH7.5 cm
Antique fabric printing block sculpted in wood with different shapes and drawings carved in relief. With these decorative objects you can introduce small vintage details in your decoration and awaken the curiosity of those who do not know their original functionality.

Antique print block Sinetti

With these antique print block your decoration will become more exclusive and charming. They are pieces made of carved wood and with unique designs that were used for printing. Now they have become decorative objects loaded with history and ready to have room in the most current interiors.

Antique object Pymax

Ø25xH15 cm
Antique pieces are not just objects, but a reflection of a particular era and culture. They bring a character and charm to our homes that modern accessories cannot match. Candlesticks, vases and old kitchen utensils are some of the antiques that people love to collect and display. Because of their unique beauty and rich history, they will impress and add...

Wooden parat bowl Otomy

Ø39xH14 cm
The trend of using antique objects as decorative pieces has grown more and more in recent times. These items add a lot of charm to any space they are placed in. Wooden troughs were originally used for mixing and kneading dough and were an essential tool in many homes. With the arrival of modern kitchen utensils they became obsolete, but their aesthetic...

Decorative bowl Dyani

Ø33xH20 cm
These are not the typical decorative bowls you find in most decoration shops. No, they are hand-painted pieces made of papier-mâché. Each has a unique texture and design. Undoubtedly, the most modern, original and protagonist centerpieces you will find for your home.

Decorative bowl Asha small

Ø28xH12 cm
Taking care of the home decoration is not only about aesthetics, but also a way of getting a comfortable space full of our personal taste. We don’t like houses without personality, and we love those that give importance to small details. Unique and special objects such as our Asha decorative bowls, made of papier-mâché and designed to surprise you.

Decorative bowl Asha large

Ø34xH14 cm
A robust appearance and lightweight material... In our Asha decorative bowl both properties are fused to create a unique and distinctive design. The papier-mâché turns irregularities and imperfections into beauty. Smooth, with illustrations or with beads. Let yourself get surprised; you will surely find the perfect place for this decorative object.

Decorative bowl Kahina

32xH17.5 cm
Beautiful, handmade, practical. These decorative bowls have everything to make us fall in love with them. Its texture and its organic shape together with its craft process give it character and exclusivity. Your house asks for authenticity! I’m sure you’ll find it in our papier-mâché bowls.

Papier-mâché vase Kahina

Ø53xH96 cm
If you like unique and artistic decorative objects, these papier-mâché vases should be in your wishlist. They make a trend, and we like them for their shapes and touch, but, more importantly, they show the beauty and your taste for handmade crafts. They are authentic artworks that will give your home a touch of creativity.
Papier-mâché vase Minerva Papier-mâché vase Minerva 2
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Papier-mâché vase Minerva

Ø25xH40 cm
The secret to have an amazing decoration is always in the details. It seems incredible, but a simple decorative object can make much more than you think… With the Minerva papier-mâché vase, you opt for handmade things, for artistic pieces and for the designs that enhance the style of your home.
Papier-mâché vase Itasia Papier-mâché vase Itasia 2
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Papier-mâché vase Itasia

Ø20xH39 cm
These handmade vases, with an exclusive and unique design, claim their place on the entry console table, on the coffee table in the living room or on a shelf. They testify to the beauty of craftsmanship and the value of handmade products. We warn you, after your first papier-mâché vase, others will come, many others...

Wooden candle holder Dag

Antique natural wood candleholder handcrafted and carved in one piece. Its side handles stand out. It provides character due to the irregularities in the colour and finish that make it a unique piece.

Wooden candle holder Pompeya

Antique natural wood candle holder handcrafted from a single piece. Its lateral handles stand out. It brings personality thanks to the irregularities in the colour and finish that make it an unique antique piece.

Antique candleholder Kiliwa

21x14xH7 cm
Do you know that antique objects can enhance your home personality? Our Kiliwa wooden candleholders has the charm of the past and the prestige of craftsmanship. A rustic tough to leave a beautiful mark wherever you place them.

Candlestick Lanka medium

Ø11xH51 cm
Today we bring you something very special, reclaimed wood candle holders that are not only functional, but also serve as beautiful decorative pieces. Strategically placed, Lanka candlesticks will undoubtedly create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Antique candlestick Kikapu

Ø12xH30 cm
Handmade antique wooden candle holder in its original condition. A beautiful candle holder that will add authenticity and beauty to the light of your best candles.

Antique candlestick Zoque

Ø39xH14 cm
Antique wooden candlestick. With this candleholder you will bring character and personality to your home decoration whatever your style is. Antique objects always triumph and at Ofelia we love their singularity.

Mini vase Kuta

Mini decorative vase made of clay with an antique effect and an embossed border on its rim. The perfect decorative accessory to decorate your living room, dining room or hallway with a vintage and sophisticated touch. Add subtlety and style with our Kuta clay vase. Place a handful of artificial flowers in it to add a touch of personality and originality...

Mini vase Heriya

Mini decorative vase made of clay with an antique effect and an embossed border on its rim. The perfect decorative accessory to decorate your living room, dining room or hallway with a vintage and sophisticated touch. Add subtlety and style with our Heriya clay vase. Place a bunch of artificial flowers in it to bring a touch of personality and...

Mini vase Aksu

Mini decorative vase made of clay with an aged effect. The perfect decorative accessory to decorate your living room, dining room or hallway with a vintage and sophisticated touch. Add a subtlety and style with our Aksu clay vase. Place a bunch of artificial flowers in it to bring a touch of personality and originality to any room in your home. You can...

Paper maché vase Hue

Medium decorative vase made of papier maché. It is a very special piece, due to the fact that each design is different. The contrast between its robust appearance and the lightness of the material is surprising.

A nostalgic touch that changes everything... Antiques by OFELIA Home & Decor

They are perhaps the most special and authentic elements of a decoration. And they are also perfect to enhance the atmosphere and define the personality of a home. At Ofelia, antiques have us totally fascinated!

This section is a true legacy of the past. Here, you will find objects that express the passage of time and endless feelings with their simple presence. Craftsmanship, nobility and authenticity come together to highlight the most endearing soul of your entire home.

Of course, wood is the main protagonist of our antique objects. Trays, showcases, containers, candle holders, decorative figurines... The imperfections and aged finishes arise from each piece giving it a very special and attractive appearance.

With the same traditional approach, you can also find vases or bowls made of papier-mâché, an ancestral technique that consists of recycling all kinds of papers to make an object by hand. Simply place one of them on a cabinet or shelf to recover the magic.

Because yes, there is something really magical in the antiques of our catalogue. They are perfect to decorate and to give an extra character to any interior. In fact, we think that all houses should have this nostalgic touch that anyone’s emotions emerge.

Let yourself be surprised by the originality of our collection. Hotel desk bells, print blocks, teapots, baskets, chandeliers ... I’m sure you’ll find here the antique piece that will change everything in your home decor.

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