Vase Lisandro

Ø25xH23,5 cm
The craftsmanship reflected in this decorative vase is evidence of the talent and ability behind its elaboration. A careful and detailed work focused on the creation of a piece as harmonious and elegant as our Lisandro vase. Made of clay and with a glossy beige finish, this decorative vase will bring the dose of sophistication your...

Vase Donkor

Ø55xH42 cm
This beautiful decorative vase is a clear example of the rustic style. An aesthetic where we look for relaxing, natural and traditional atmospheres. Donkor is a clay vase, shaped like an antique vessel. A piece where you can appreciate the simplicity, the irregularities and the craft work that, together, give form to its...

Vase Dalmiro

Ø47xH52 cm
If you like the rustic style, the Dalmiro decorative vase will seem like a real treasure. Made of clay and with a rough and irregular finish, this piece will add charm to your decoration. It will be the ideal accessory for those who appreciate details full of authenticity.

Vase Regio

14x11xH14 cm
The Regio decorative vase has been carefully elaborated and hand painted for your home decoration. Small and with a very original design, it is a craft piece par excellence. And therefore, it will also be the perfect decor accessory to highlight the atmosphere of any of your rooms.

Vase Sandro

20x11xH24,5 cm
What will surely catch your attention in this decorative vase is its original shape. Fleeing conventionalisms and giving free rein to creativity, the design with three handles on each side makes this clay vase an authentic artistic touch.Buy this handcrafted vase and give freshness to your home with its beautiful colours and the...

Vase Orfeo

Ø20xH26,5 cm
In home decoration, everything matters when it comes to the creation of an atmosphere that reflects your style and personality. With Ofelia, small things become great!The Orfeo decorative vase may be the final touch you were looking for. It is a handcrafted clay vase, rich in colours and nuances and expresses a lot with its simple...

Vase Desmon

Ø15x11xH26 cm
Do not underestimate the transforming power of a well-chosen decorative vase. It can be the element that stands out on a shelf, on a side table or in any corner of your home that needs a touch of originality and freshness.Desmon is a jug-shaped decorative vase. It is made of clay, and it is a piece that stands out for its...

Vase Burak

Ø24xH39 cm
Its shape, its colours, its glossy finish... Burak is a beautiful decorative vase made of clay. With or without flowers, it will be a piece that will stand out in your decoration and will enhance the exclusivity of your space.Looking for a decorative accessory with subtle elegance, but without excess? Our Burak vase is...

Vase Quiles

Ø17XH15 cm
The Quiles decorative vase is such a special piece that it will surely become the focal point of your decoration. With its striking design and modern style, this clay vase will bring a touch of sophistication to any room.Its impeccable finish and carefully crafted details make it a unique piece that will not only bring style,...

Vase Clodio

Ø22xH36 cm
Vases are much more than simple containers for flowers, they are aesthetic pieces that can completely transform a space. In our store, you will find decorative vases as original as this... A clay vase, with a white finish and a design that will not leave you indifferent. You can use it with dried branches or preserved flowers...

Vase Alfio

Ø13xH17 cm
Vases stand out among all home decor accessories thanks to their sophisticated character. At OFELIA Home & Decor, we have a wide collection that covers different materials, finishes and very attractive designs.The Alfio ceramic vase has the particularity of having an original jug shape. Its beautiful neutral tones...

Vase Bernal

Ø23xH25 cm
The beauty of this clay vase lies in the simplicity of its design and the unique details that make it truly special. Bernal is a decorative vase perfect for those looking to incorporate traditional and artisanal elements into their home. You can appreciate its shapes, the combination of colours and the rustic finish that gives it...

Vase Bosco

Ø38xH38 cm
Customize your space with a decorative vase that reflects your style and personality. One of our most versatile models is Bosco. A handcrafted clay vase in grey tones and minimalist design. This decorative accessory can be placed in any room of your home, providing the most subtle and elegant decorative touch.

Vase Nekao

Ø50xH67 cm
Few objects are as aesthetic as vases in home decoration. At Ofelia, we have a wide selection covering many designs, materials and colours.The Nekao decorative vase made of clay is a precious reflection of craftsmanship and tradition. A very noble piece that will find its place in any interior.

Vase Merni

Ø17,5xH15,5 cm
Handcrafted vases are true works of art, and Merni is no exception. Every detail of this decorative vase has been carefully worked, from its shape to its finish. It is evident that a lot of time and skill has been invested in its production, which makes it a unique and valuable piece. A clay vase with an elegant and...

Vase Adriel

19x11xH24 cm
Vases are essential elements in home decoration. Their function is to add that touch of style and personality to the spaces that remain empty, helping to create a much more welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. Adriel is a decorative clay vase with a gloss finish. Its design with leaves in brown tones stands out and its size...

Vase Zohar

Ø11.5xH25 cm
Decorative vases are elements that add a touch of elegance and style to any atmosphere of our home. These accessories not only complement the design of our spaces but can also be used to enhance the beauty of a room. Zohar is a small clay vase that you can place on any furniture in the house and in the room you prefer.

Vase Wastin

Ø9.5xH22 cm
Wastin is much more than a simple clay vase. Thanks to its avant-garde and stunning design, it is one of those pieces capable of giving a twist to your decoration.You will see how its presence transforms completely the atmosphere, adding that modern and sophisticated touch you were looking for. This decorative vase is a...
Vase Anatoly green Vase Anatoly green 2
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Vase Anatoly green

Ø14xH26 cm
Vases and flowers have always been a wonderful combination when it comes to home decoration. The best of our Anatoly fibre vases is that they add colour and style to any space by themselves. Yes, you have read it right! They are made of seagrass, and they are so beautiful and unique in their design that they do not need flowers to dazzle.

Vase Enol

Ø12.7xH23 cm
Looking for vases to complete your home decoration? Our glass vase Enol model shows off an original design and is available in several colours. It is ideal if you want to combine some of them and create beautiful floral compositions.

Vase Gustavo

Ø13.5xH22 cm
No home without flowers! Our vase Gustavo is perfect to give the freshest and most colourful touch to your home. A glass jug available in several tones to combine and create really wonderful floral compositions.

Vase Cipriano

Ø12.5xH27.5 cm
Glass vases Cipriano model are decorative by themselves. Designed with a versatile material and elegant colours, they will suit in any style and will give a sophisticated and bright touch to the whole decoration.

Vase Severino

Ø11.5xH18.5 cm
Our glass vase Severino model has a classic and elegant design that will enhance the style of your home. It is available in transparent and golden glass, and will shine in a single instant. Get this original decorative vase and delight your guests with your home decoration.

Vase Mateo

Ø14xH27 cm
Flowers give life! And that’s why they are so essential in your home decoration. Our vase Mateo model in glass with a crackle effect and golden tones is ideal to show your best flower compositions on a table or any other type of furniture.

The final touch… Vases by OFELIA Home & Decor

You can`t finish the decoration of your home without using decorative accessories, pieces that add colour and reflect our essence. By using decorative accessories, we also provide a space of comfort and, somehow, we reveal a part of ourselves. They are unconditional complements that will enhance all the previous decoration and interior design work.

Our preferences and emotions should guide every decision, but a vase is a must in our home... One or more than one, of course! Why? Because decorative vases can be placed in any room of the house and can enhance any style and any atmosphere.

Whether transparent or coloured, glass vases are perhaps the most common and popular. Their light material and the different finishes can be used to create interesting contrasts. Their delicacy touches us and their decorative power floods our room.

They can also have a more rustic and traditional feel if we choose clay vases. Handmade items, whose details, shades, and irregularities make them unique and exclusive. So are those made in terracotta, which stand out for the exotic and distinctive touch they bring to your home. Both options are perfect if you are looking for rustic vases.

The decoration of our spaces expresses our own identity, so if you want to give more relevance to these accessories, opt for large decorative floor vases. They can change completely any corner of the house...

Vases for everything, vases for everyone...

When it comes to decorating the house, you have to be true to yourself, but that doesn`t mean that you can`t explore, combine and find much more in a simple accessory than you might imagine. Vases can bring an extra decorative touch to any room in the house, but there are some spaces where they look especially good.

The entrance hall is perfect. A console table is the ideal surface to create a beautiful composition of vases, or use one as a flower pot... Large, small, with a narrow or wide neck, cylindrical or flared, depending on their shape you should choose the quantity and abundance of foliage in your bouquet of flowers. We love decorating with vases!

The dining table, the coffee table, a shelf or a side cabinet. There is a wide variety of decorative vases to harmonise a space or to create a focus point. Even our bedside table will gain incredible aesthetic potential with a model that emphasises your good taste.

What about a vase with dried flowers? Our favourite... This way we highlight the natural beauty of flowers and we can play with the variety of colours, shapes and textures they offer us. Nor can we forget the vases with lids, objects so unique and functional that they are the perfect solution for those who are looking for a decorative complement with different functionalities.

A vase is the decorative object that can also be the perfect gift.

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