Basket Druso small

Ø30xH27 cm
Accessories made of natural fibers are sweeping. Furnish your home with the ecofriendly trend and the most beautiful baskets by Ofelia. Druso is a jute basket that stands out for its naturalness and for the touch of colour in its design.

Basket Druso large

Ø35xH30 cm
If there is an element that perfectly combines functionality and decoration is certainly a basket. It serves to store a variety of things at home and can also be very decorative. The Druso jute basket has a very natural design with blue vertical stripes.

Basket Daly small

The importance of tidiness at home makes us look for practical and decorative solutions. Baskets are an original way to achieve this. In the Daly collection, we have smaller baskets so you can store small objects. They are made of seagrass, and you will love their discreet design.

Basket Daly medium

27x18xH14 cm
With our collection of Daly baskets, all the rooms in your house will be perfectly tidied and will give off comfort. They are practical and decorative, made of seagrass and have useful handles on both sides. A design by Ofelia that is available in several sizes.

Basket Daly large

32x22xH16 cm
Who does not dream of a nice and tidy house? Get it with our basket Daly, ideal to store and decorate any corner and room. Made of seagrass and rectangular shape, it is the ideal accessory to have everything organised without giving up style.

Basket Bray small

35x25xH12 cm
Sometimes we don’t know how to organize the small objects that flood our house. Baskets can be the key to achieving this without renouncing style. Our Bray rectangular basket is made of natural fibers. It is a simple and discreet design, but very practical and decorative.

Basket Bray large

40x30xH14 cm
The Bray basket is made of natural fibres braided by hand. It has handles and is very practical to store small objects that we always have at home. It is a rectangular basket with an original design that combines the natural tone of the fibers with the elegance of black.

Basket Nanawa small

Ø30xH7 cm
Nanawa is a collection of decorative round baskets made by hand with natural fibers. The braid combines natural tone with white, creating a simple design that brings authenticity and elegance. This round basket will allow you to get your small objects collected and will also provide a decorative touch that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Basket Nanawa medium

Ø33xH7 cm
The Nanawa round basket is made of seagrass and has a beautiful design that combines the natural tone of the fibers with the freshness of the white colour. This decorative basket is rigid and has handles on both sides. Its versatility makes it perfect for decorating most of spaces.

Basket Nanawa large

Ø36xH7 cm
Baskets are an essential accessory in the decoration of our homes. Nanawa is a hand-braided round basket. Its functions can be very diverse. It has a rigid structure and a design with handles that gives it strength and solidity. In addition, it is made of seagrass, a sustainable and environmentally friendly material.

Basket Marvin small

22x25xH16 cm
Lack of meters, but more tidiness. Lack of space is no longer an excuse. At Ofelia, there are a thousand solutions to take advantage of every centimetre and multiply storage. Bet on natural fibers, also when tidying up the house and give it more warmth. With Marvin baskets you will make it a simple and fun task.

Basket Marvin medium

27x21xH19 cm
Tidy and live better! A tidied house conveys a feeling of calm and well-being, just what we need. Tidy your home and get a natural look with these baskets made of natural fibers, braided by hand and with an incredible design.

Basket Marvin large

32x37xH21 cm
It is so beautiful! This hand-braided basket allows to store all kinds of items. Marvin is a practical basket with such a wonderful design that it can fit in any room; with its rigid structure, filling it or emptying it will be much more comfortable. It also has handles, and you can easily move it if the occasion requires it.
Small Basket Galen Small Basket Galen 2
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Small Basket Galen

Decoration is an art that requires creativity, skill and attention to detail. One of the current decor trends is the use of seagrass baskets. They are visually attractive, but also ecologic, what makes them become an ideal option for those who are aware of the environment. They are also lightweight and easy to handle. They can also be used as storage...
Medium Basket Galen Medium Basket Galen 2
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Medium Basket Galen

Are you a passionate of tidiness? We know clutter at home generates stress and also makes us waste time. On the other hand, tidy our home makes us feel it lighter and we gain in space. A simple way of improving storage at home is with baskets. You can use them to keep different objects such as textiles, books, toys… You can also use them as decorative...
Large Basket Galen Large Basket Galen 2
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Large Basket Galen

Decluttering the house may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn`t have to be. With the right tools and mindset, you can transform your home into a clutter-free sanctuary. Large baskets are a great way to store items and keep them accessible. Seagrass baskets are functional and add a touch of natural beauty to any room. Whether you want to clear your...

Small Basket Kayro

If rattan or wicker are still the most coveted materials in decoration, other natural fibres has arrived with great force. This is the case of seagrass, a sustainable and resistant component capable of creating beautiful designs in home accessories. Storage baskets are a nice example of this. Woven by hand, they pay homage to the most meticulous...

Basket Effie

One of the great trends in home decoration is the use of accessories and furniture made of natural materials. At Ofelia we think every detail of our home is part of our personality and is a way of showing our values. With the collection of seagrass baskets you can add style and warmth to your home in a more sustainable way. Effie is a natural colour...
Basket Athan Basket Athan 2
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Basket Athan

For lovers of organization, for those who prefer natural materials, for those who admire detailed decorations… The new collection of baskets by Ofelia has been designed for those who take care of our home to the smallest detail. Because décor accessories are essential in any interior design, and because it is always good to have storage baskets....

Basket Briseida

Baskets are essential in all rooms. Indoors and outdoors, this basic element of storage has a beautiful decorative language that enhances craftmanship through its elaboration in natural fibres. For this reason, they are practical to have everything at hand, but they are also great bearers of style. Our small basket Briseida model is made of seagrass in a...

Basket Aria

When we talk about home decoration, we usually focus on it as a whole, but the small details are the ones that make a difference. The use of functional, versatile and easy to adapt to the atmosphere accessories will help us to enjoy even more our home. At Ofelia, we have a great variety of baskets to add tidiness and style to your decoration. Small...

Basket Eryx

When it comes to decoration it is interesting to have in mind the importance of a tidied home. The secret? Tidy up everyday easily with a good variety of baskets. An untidied space can detract even the most beautiful decoration. If you take the time to tidy and organise it, you will enjoy all the benefits of leaving the chaos out of your home. So that,...

Small Basket Dennys

With the boom of natural styles and eco-friendly materials, decorative accessories join this trend and become one of the main protagonists in home decoration. Baskets are versatile elements to which we always find a use and a place, for this reason at Ofelia we have a great variety of models, in different sizes and with original designs. Small basket...

Basket Emiliano

We all know the importance of baskets in the decoration of a house. Practical, comfortable and 100% decorative! In Ofelia, we give them their greatest importance through a collection full of naturalness. Emiliano is a jute basket with decorative fringes so you can enjoy an organized and pleasant home.

Houses with space for everything... Baskets by OFELIA Home & Decor

Keeping order at home is essential to creating a comfortable space. A way to achieve this is to get into the habit of having a place for every thing. When we designate specific places for our belongings, it is easier to store and find them, saving us time and effort. In addition, an organized home fosters a sense of calm and reduces stress. If we make order a priority in our daily life, we can enjoy the benefits of a well-structured and harmonious home.

Wicker baskets have gained immense popularity because, in addition to practical, they are incredibly elegant! The composition and finish of a basket of natural fibre gives it a simply perfect rustic and organic look. At Ofelia, we have a wide range of colours and textures, in different prints, round and rectangular. We do not tire of this piece which is the basis of an orderly house.

A small basket placed at the entrance of the house is the perfect solution to leave everyday objects, such as keys, coins and glasses. It’s really amazing how much we tend to accumulate things in our pockets throughout the day. As soon as we get home, the first thing we want to do is leave all those objects. By having a designated space to keep them, we can easily find them and avoid losing them.

The coffee table in the living room can often turn into chaos. With all the controllers, headphones and mobile phones we have, it can be difficult to maintain an orderly space. However, there is a simple solution to this problem. By placing all these items in a decorative basket, you can instantly change the look of your living room. Believe us, you’ll notice the change! Open woven baskets are especially ideal for this purpose.

Baskets are also a very practical solution for the different elements we can find next to the sofa. Blankets, books and magazines can clutter the room if they are not properly organized. However, with the use of decorative baskets, these items can be stored and easily found when needed. They are available in various sizes and styles, allowing you to choose those that best suit your decor and personal preferences. They can also be easily moved and rearranged.

The baskets with lid are an ideal solution to order the bedroom. They allow you to store what is not often used, hiding it, and freeing up valuable space. Now that closets without doors are on trend, finding practical and stylish storage solutions for the bedroom has become a priority.

In the bathroom, they can be used to store towels or toiletries. Of course, what you should not miss is a dirty laundry basket or hamper.

If you have a pet, storing its toys, straps and prizes in a specific place will help you find them you need it. This is where a basket with handles and removable lining is very useful.

The ollection we have chosen especially for you will captivate you with its beauty.

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