Quilt 90 bed Darien

180x250 cm
Single/twin quilt slightly padded and with an ethnic pattern. These cotton bouti quilts are your best option to achieve a good rest during the mid-season months. We love them for their textures and the great variety of patterns.

Quilt 135 bed Darien

230x250 cm
Queen size bed quilt, made of cotton and filled with synthetic fibres. Its light padding makes it the best bouti quilt in spring or autumn. Discover the variety of patterns and make this reversible quilt your new decorative versatility.

Quilt 180 bed Darien

270x280 cm
King size quilt made of cotton with synthetic fibre filling. A reversible bouti quilt that stands out for its exotic patterns and the lightness and comfort of its material. The best accessory to sleep loosely...

Cotton quilt 90 bed Ottawa

180x250 cm
Single/twin bed quilt, made of washed cotton and with synthetic fibre filling. We know that you will love its different designs of so trendy powdery tones, which will provide a touch of harmonious colour to your home and that will become your most faithful allies to decorate the bedroom.

Cotton quilt 135 bed Ottawa

230x250 cm
Queen size quilt, made of washed cotton with synthetic fibre filling. A beautiful and elegant quilt that will completely change the aesthetics of your bedroom, bringing a feeling of greater comfort and warmth to your moments of rest.

Cotton quilt 180 bed Ottawa

270x280 cm
King size quilt, made of washed cotton and with synthetic fibre filling. An elegant quilt, made of a lightweight and thermoregulatory material, in a range of powdery colours. Subtlety, authenticity and comfort for your moments of rest.

Dress up your bed stylishly… Quilts by OFELIA Home & Decor

Our home is part of our personality, and every room reflects the way we face our day to day and those daily activities everyone does at home. The bedroom is maybe one of the most intimate and personal space in a home. Its decoration deserves a special attention and the atmosphere we generate must convey tranquillity, because the bedroom is where we usually relax and rest.

Bed quilts are one of those multipurpose elements that cannot be missing in our bedroom. They dress the bed stylishly, bring an extra dose of warmth to the atmosphere and become part of the decoration almost without realizing it… The touch, the colour and the design can turn your quilt into a piece of great prominence or balance the whole decoration with its simplicity and delicacy.

Fresh and style in your bed… Ofelia’s collection of quilts.

Take the most of your bedroom and get it ready to start dreaming… The delicacy, the elegance and the comfort of our bed quilts will be reasons why you cannot miss them this season. There are fabrics that are fresh in summer and comfortable in winter, that’s why our cotton quilts provide greater breathability and an extraordinary softness. This type of bouti quilts, light and so versatile, are especially useful during the transitional months. We know mid-season quilts are a great choice.

For a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, opt for quilts in soft and powdery colours. If you want to bet on originality and contrast, choose more exotic patterns… Whatever the case, a quilt is an accessory that always comes in handy, because it completes any bedroom. Our collections have different sizes so that you can complete any type of bedroom. Single/twin, queen or king size.

If you like to change the patterns more frequently, then a reversible quilt will be your perfect ally. Freshness and style will be present no matter how you put them, because our quilts have been designed to make rest the best time of the day.

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