The kitchen can be considered the first social network. All the culture and community spirit associated with the kitchen makes this space the centre of the home, a meeting point where not only recipes but also daily experiences can be shared. It is the place to meet friends over a tasty dish, the place where recipes are passed down from generation to generation, where secrets are told, and rituals and celebrations take place. Who doesn't remember that party where all the guests ended up in the kitchen?

We like to eat at home, but we also miss being able to go out and enjoy ourselves in our "other homes". Those where they always make room for us, even if we go without a reservation, where we share a menu and dessert, where we let ourselves be surprised and recommended, where we try that dish off the menu, where they ask us if we want coffee or tea to extend the after-dinner conversation.

Now that these homes are closed, we want them to be part of ours. The soul of these homes are their chefs and that is why we have invited them as guests into the heart of our home, the kitchen. Each month they will share the recipes of some of their dishes. We would like you to join them in their kitchens, preparing and tasting their dishes because, as Bernard Shaw said, "there is no sincerer love than the love of food". Enjoy your meal!

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