Stem glass Evan

Ø9xH14 cm
The Evan glassware puts at your disposal a variety of stem glasses so that you choose the one that best suits the drink and the moment. This recycled glass model is a less conventional option, but just as practical and elegant as the rest of the collection. A short stem glass with a generous bowl and a wide rim. All the...

Stem glass Evan

Ø8xH16.5 cm
If you’re looking for practical and stylish stem glasses, Evan is the perfect choice. They have a minimalist aesthetic, but they also allow you to enjoy unique pieces with character. No two are alike! In addition, being made of recycled blown glass, you also contribute to taking care of the environment. What more can...

Stem glass Evan

Ø9xH22 cm
Stem glasses are essential elements in any celebration. Evan is the perfect long stem wine glass for those special moments that deserve to be remembered. With a simple yet elegant design, these stem wine glasses are ideal for any occasion. Workmates, friends or family deserve a special toast. So, do not wait any longer, think...

Stem glass Elder 200 ml

Stem glass with double-width calyx design and embossed base with veined relief. Its original shape is complemented by its neutral tones. It can be combined with the other models of glasses and their colors to decorate your table with an interesting chromatic touch.

Stem glass Rocío 400 ml

Smoke colored crystal stem glass with mottled water droplets. Perfect for any occasion. Complete your glassware with our Rocio crystal glass.

Stem glass Sully 350 ml

Glass cup with chalice and double width stem. Made with translucent glass in different colors: brown, grey and violet. Enjoy our vintage-looking glass cups.

Stem glass Chantilly 300 ml

2 Reviews
Glass cup in a swet liquor shape and ribbed rib with border. Decorated cups made with translucent glass in different colors: olive, pink and blue. Complete your glassware with Chantilly glass cups.

Stem glass Monzón 150 ml

Low green crystal stem glass with braided embossed finish and column-shaped stem. Combine it with our large Monzon crystal stem glass.

Every day deserves a toast... Stem glasses by OFELIA Home & Decor

A promotion at work, seeing our favourite team win, an anniversary or a gathering, any excuse can is good enough. Whether it’s on weekdays or a Saturday night, every day is a gift and there’s always something to celebrate. So, raise your glass and toast!

At Ofelia, we love to gather around the table to celebrate the simple and special moments of life. Whether it’s a simple dinner with friends or a special occasion, our table is always ready to create unforgettable memories.

Choose the tablecloth, glassware, flowers, menu... We never miss any detail. We don’t like rigid and formal environments. We prefer to enjoy good company, eat, drink, laugh, chat.  The dishes are sliced and sometimes we spill a drink. It doesn’t matter! These things happen when we’re having fun.

Setting the table will become something special with our glassware collection. Although it is a small selection, you can be sure that each piece has been carefully crafted for you and your guests to toast together a thousand times.

There’s something really magical about drinking in crystal stem glasses. The way the light is reflected is fascinating and they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any occasion. They not only enhance the appeal of the table, but also the taste and aroma of the drink.

Whether you are hosting a dinner or simply enjoying a glass of wine after a long day, a stem glass will allow you to appreciate all the flavours. In addition to an exquisite design, our stem glasses fit perfectly to the hand and the edge improves the experience when drinking.

But wait, there’s more! Coloured stem glasses are a fantastic way to add a touch of glamour to our table. They’re fun, fabulous, and stylish. A party at your table, where everyone’s invited!


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