It's been a while since I've last come here to take you to visit an Ofelia's Place, you'll see that it's been worth the wait. Today I bring you a magical place that stands out for its gardens, patios and swimming pools. If you are one of those who still haven't gone on holiday or you have a getaway in mind, this is my suggestion for your next trip.

The Fenn Hotel combines all the richness and charm of the city of Marrakech. Obviously, its history stems from a love story, the one between the English gallery owner Vanessa Branson and her partner, when they were looking for a summer house where to rest in the city. When they discovered this ruined riad, they were completely captivated by its atmosphere and, thanks to a spectacular transformation, it became the magnificent boutique hotel it is today. To achieve this transformation, they used traditional construction techniques combined with a contemporary image, the result of the work of Moroccan architect Amine Kabbaj.

The key to this magnificent result lies in the combination of contrasts. Along with its powerful architectural structure, the restoration work has respected and recovered the existing elements, such as the carved wooden doors, the arches, the tiled floors, and the stone of the filigree ceilings.

From this point on, an interior design project is developed, based on the marked use of colour and also on furniture and decoration ranging from made-to-measure furniture, pieces from the colonial periodoriental elements and items from the 30's to the 70's, as well as objects and artisan work from the local area, as you will can appreciate if you take a closer look at the finishes.

An important characteristic is the quality of the fabrics, not only in the rooms, but in all the different areas of this complex; the carpets, the cushions, the blankets, the cotton of the sheets and towels, the wicker.... Each room has its own different design. They all share wonderful views of the courtyards and perfectly combine the retro style with the contemporary style and the oriental influence.

Another contrast is the peace and quiet of its courtyards, swimming pools and terraces, despite its central location in the heart of the Medina, just a few minutes from the Koutoubia. In fact, from its main terrace, you can see not only the iconic mosque, but also the souk, the central streets of the city and even the Atlas Mountains. A busy place especially in the evening, where you can enjoy an extensive cocktail menu.

And to complete the experience you can also enjoy its restaurant where you can find traditional Moroccan cuisine and Western-inspired dishes and its spa, where its hot water hammam and the natural ingredients of its treatments stand out.

I'm sure you'll find it hard to leave. If you want to turn your home into a deco oasis, here are some guidelines inspired by this riad, where the colour palette, the combination of vibrant textiles and the careful selection of decorative objects and works of art stand out.

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