Summer and outdoor plans always go well together. The good weather and the longer days invite us to take part in activities outside. The best thing about this one is that you can do it almost anywhere, on the beach, in the mountains or even in a park or green area in your city. To organise a picnic, the most important thing is the spirit and the company, friends and family who will make you have an unforgettable meal. Here are some ideas and recommendations for kitchenware, textiles, and accessories.

Ofelia's must-haves for a picnic with style

The first thing you'll need is something to carry everything you need.Our suggestion: a beautiful rattan basket, like our Kyle model. If you think you will make the most of it, we encourage you to give it other uses for the rest of the year, as an original storage basket in winter, mushroom picking in autumn, outdoor snacks in spring,... Along with the basket the tablecloth , is also necessary, as it will be the base for the meal. We have opted for natural materials and neutral colours that allow us to use it at home as well, adapting to any style of tableware. To add a touch of colour, we opted for our Tulio striped napkins.

We cannot forget about plates and glasses, of course. On this occasion we have decided to go all out with our latest Evora ceramic collection, because we wanted to give it a very special aesthetic.

Remember that drinks don't taste the same in plastic glasses as they do in glass or enamel. And who says glasses, says stemware, your wine and your taste buds will thank you for it.

As for the cutlery, choose those that are practical, nobody wants to carry a knife that doesn't cut well, as well as resistant. If they are nice, all the better.

If you avoid the hottest hours of the day and do it at sunset candle holders and candles will be great and will provide a very special atmosphere. If, on the other hand, you do it during the hottest hours, like when we go to the beach, it is very important to protect yourself from the sun. Here the parasol is always a must, which can even give you some privacy. 

And, of course, the menu. Although we leave this up to you, we recommend you take tasty and simple things to eat. Some ideas: sandwiches, quiches, dried fruit, fruit, salads, cold meats, bread, spreads, cheeses... and always bring plenty of water. If you want to surprise them, you can also cook more original dishes, such as the ones you can find in our recipe section : lentil and quinoa salad, salmon foquiche,... To transport it, nothing better than our tiffins from the Masala collection. You will find models with different numbers of compartments, and also with airtight closure system. With this type of lunch box you will avoid single-use containers.


If, along with the basics, you don't want to be short of details, as well as adding more comfort, we suggest that you include in the list extra tableware such as enamel tableware and stainless steel mugs which are light and resistant and preserve the temperature for longer!, cutting boards, which will be useful not only for cutting but also for serving appetizers, salad servers, and a fine cotton throw, in case the tablecloth falls short or someone wants to take a quick nap.

At last leave your mark on the memory, but not the environment. Don't forget to take rubbish bags with you and leave the place the same (or even better) than you found it.

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