The past is comforting, and in such a fast-paced world it is always good to feel its presence. I like things that are real and authentic; and although I don't avoid new trends, I always try to keep a close link with tradition. Thanks to decoration, I have managed to create a beautiful balance between the old and the new at home. And the truth is, every time I walk in the door, I feel the warmth of harmony.

I try to always carry this feeling with me, and I also try to make my guests feel the same when they come for lunch or dinner. I always look for that symmetry: I don't consider myself classic, but I don't want to fall into the absolute avant-garde either. In my taste for table decoration, is perhaps where I can best reinforce this equanimity. I innovate, I dare with new colors and textures, but I always have at hand a complete dinnerware set that vindicates the essential.

When I say essential, I mean a timeless, truthful and extremely versatile design. In other words, a design that never disappoints and always looks good, whatever the occasion. For me, it is an immense peace of mind to be able to count on the Karma collection, a complete ceramic crockery service that has been with me at the table for years.

Nothing more and nothing less than 35 pieces of dinnerware! Plates of all sizes and shapes; glasses, cups, mugs, jugs, bowls; and even original accessories such as a napkin holder, a salt and pepper set or a fondue. Take a look at all the possibilities it offers. Everyday, for a quick dinner; on weekends when I gather the whole family; even for special celebrations... Believe me, it has never failed me.

Complete, very practical and with a personality of its own. Simple aesthetics, without artifice; but its lathe print finish gives it a unique and exclusive touch. Its glaze is natural, speckled with an original brown border. It is a handmade tableware where each piece is moulded and decorated one by one, making unique and unrepeatable creations.

It advocates the natural, completely avoids industrial processes and embodies handmade ceramics in all its glory. It is the perfect dinnerware for all those who need to connect with tradition without turning their back on modern designs.

The Karma collection defines very well my vision of beauty; that mix of simplicity and creativity that I try to capture in all my conceptions. It also shows that details are everything in home decoration. Because decorating is a bit like that, don't you think? Surrounding yourself with simple things, developing a certain sensitivity, taking care of the little moments and everything that can have a positive impact on our personal well-being.

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