Many consider it a breath of fresh air in the Spanish capital city. Open to the public since 2019, my decoration store leaves no one indifferent. And, in all modesty, I would even dare to say that it is one of the most beautiful and personal shops you will find in Madrid.

There’s nowhere like it! Ofelia Home & Decor is a revolutionary retail concept that knows how to delight its visitors. In this place, the experience goes far beyond the simple purchase. With the best selection of home decor, the goal is to bring out the most authentic and personal side of each.

After 5 years, the illusion is still more alive than ever! For me, it is always a pleasure to see the face of amazement and emotion when someone enters the door. Welcome home! Here, home is not a simple living space... It is a true temple of well-being made to measure and designed to make your routines more pleasant.

Backlit furniture, crowded tables, hanging lamps, carpets on the floor, wall art prints and mirrors... The tour is great. From furniture and lighting to tableware and textiles, you’ll find endless treasures to fill your home with charm and exclusivity.

Faithful reflection of the everyday, the object in all its forms becomes king. Materials and textures come together to honour the natural and enliven your senses. And so, with emotions in full bloom, you explore each piece until you find the one that represents you most.

You can’t imagine how many nice things you can buy! And the best is that in my shop, tastes and styles are not spared. Ofelia Home & Decor rewards the essential and seeks to make each personality a trend.

Remember, no home is perfect. And, believe me, this store is the best opportunity to show yourself as you are and let yourself be carried away by the spontaneous atmosphere that reigns in this space.

You will find this beautiful universe at 33 Barquillo Street in Madrid. Come and discover a decoration store like no other...

Decoration store OFELIA Home & Decor in Madrid.
Looking for a decoration store in Madrid? Discover OFELIA Home & Decor.
 OFELIA Home & Decor is a wonderful decoration store in Madrid.
The OFELIA Home & Decor store in Madrid is a beautiful universe of decoration.
Looking for a decoration store in Madrid? Furniture, lighting, textiles and a wealth of decor accessories... Discover OFELIA Home & Decor.
Many consider it a breath of fresh air in the Spanish capital city. Discover OFELIA Home & Decor, decoration store in Madrid.
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