At Ofelia, we love to make people happy through decoration and design. Therefore, all occasions are good to share the best gift ideas for home decoration. This time, all eyes are on the next Sunday May 5; a celebration whose protagonists are none other than mothers.  

We got it all set up, and you?   

On this occasion, four people from the Ofelia family open to you and reveal what they have chosen for Mother’s Day. An exclusive list that will encourage your inspiration and help you choose the best detail. Here are their requests; a personal and endearing selection for mothers as exceptional as yours...   

The best gift ideas for Mother's Day are at Ofelia.

Larisa works in the international sales department of our brand. Inspired by the memories of her adolescence, she tells us that her mother will love the Gaston teapot, the Boheme flat plate and the Evora fruit bowl 

"This is how I remember the afternoons of my adolescence, having a tea with my mother, always accompanied by some homemade cake and seasonal fruit. A tradition that we keep as something intimate, our way of escape, our connection."   

Find the best decor guft for Mother's Day at Ofelia Home & Decor.

Carmen is also part of the international sales department at Ofelia Home & Decor. In his case, she confesses that her mother is a fan of plants. Her choice could not be other than our flowerpot Soleil model and one of our bouquets of artificial flowers 

"She is in love with plants, gardens, the sun... She loves to spend hours reading on the terrace where she has all her plants and flowers. She says that’s where she feels the calmest." 

Looking for an idea for Mother's Day? Discover Ofelia Home & Decor teams's ideas.

A member of the brand’s web department, Silvia recognizes that blue is her mother’s favourite colour. Therefore, the design of the Bruneo vase will be a sure success on May 5. 

"If there is a colour that defines my mother is clearly blue, in all its tonalities. Because of that and because she loves flowers, for Mother’s Day I would give her the Bruneo vase. It is beautiful and I know she would place it in the entrance of the house, to bring colour and positive sensations." 

The best gifts for Mother¡s Day are at Ofelia Home & Decor.

Silvia’s partner in the web department, Aline opted for the Ruskin set of 4 cups. A practical and original gift for a tea loving mother like hers.   

"If there’s a moment we both like to share, it’s clearly having tea together. So, for Mother’s Day, I’m sure I’ll get it right by giving her the Ruskin set of four cups. She will love its fresh and colourful design; it is very versatile and perfect for any occasion."  

Every mother is unique, and at Ofelia, we want to get her best smile. For this reason, you will also find a wide selection of furniture, lighting, tableware, textiles and other decorative objects so that you will not miss where to choose. 

Discover our catalogue and celebrate her day in the best possible way. 

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