Summer always arrives full of unique sensations that are responsible for making it the most special season of the year. Perhaps it is the long-awaited holiday that causes us that feeling of freedom, or the days that lengthen its hours of light and allow us to make more plans... Be that as it may, I am sure that in summer colours, aromas and everything around us takes on a new meaning. 

It is great when we get up, open the window and let the morning breeze caress our skin, isn’t it? Citrus and tropical aromas, soft and fresh textures, outdoor landscapes... At Ofelia, we believe that it is just the simplest things that make us feel the most during the summer. Therefore, and because in just two weeks we will welcome it, my new summer editorial invites you to enjoy the natural pleasure we all need, at some point. 

Our senses are more alive than ever, and it is fantastic to be able to offer them new horizons... The best destination? The one that makes you feel free and safe at the same time. It may be a place where you have already been and deserves to be rediscovered, it may be a new corner that is awaiting your arrival, or it may also be the perfect time for you to create it. 

Do not limit your ability to appreciate the beauty of simple things and discover the magic your own style can bring. Say yes to those natural materials that connect you with your essence and give them prominence in your home decoration as well as in your outdoor spaces. 

Think about this summer and imagine how you want to feel it. Practical furniture, comfortable seating and a decoration that adds vitality. Let natural light enter the living room and let this space still be one of your favourite rooms. A modular sofa gives you all the versatility you need for this season that embraces spontaneity. Few decorative objects and the right touch of colour through some cushions.

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Natural materials such as rattan, cotton and seagrass are welcome both indoors and outdoors. I can imagine the perfect afternoon lying on my rattan lounger, surrounded by lush and green plants... I like them so much that I embellish them even more with my decorative baskets. 

I can’t wait for new plans, new illusions and new encounters! This summer, my house will give off style and comfort, and my outdoor space will be filled with naturalness and energy. And you, how do you want your summer to be like?

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