Decor store Ofelia Home & Decor in Castellón.
Decor stores Castellón. Ofelia Home Decor Concept Store.
Ofelia Concept Store in Castellón, a different decor store.
The best decor store in Castellón. Ofelia Home & Decor.
Decor store Castellón. Ofelia Home & Decor.
Decor store by the firm Ofelia Home & Decor in Castellón.

C/ O' Donnell, 1

(+34) 964 91 82 05

12001, Castellón

From Monday to Friday 08:30 - 20:30

Saturday 09:30 - 20:30

Sunday and public holidays

The shop Ofelia Home & Decor has in Castellón will amaze you from the first moment. It is a very special decoration store, but it is also a charming coffee shop with a terrace where you can have breakfast or a snack while you discover the beauty of our products. OFELIA Concept Store is on O'Donnell Street 1 and promises to be an unparalleled shopping experience. Its uniqueness is both in the store design, as in the items you can buy in it. Flowers, candles, textiles, tableware, decoration... Each piece has something exceptional that you will want to have at home.

This coffee shop opened in 2019 and is still a place that catches the attention of users. Entering this space is knowing our own universe and discovering new ways to enhance well-being at home. Ofelia is the push you need to create your own style and to make those spaces you have in mind a reality. The creativity overflowing its decoration store in Castellón makes it the perfect place for you to find the inspiration you are looking for.

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