We pay homage to handmade things, to the indelible mark of craftsmanship, because the truly original aspect of it is the return to the origins. A return that also means knowing the history of the creation process and the noble materials that build my home. A return doesn’t mean a step backwards, it means to remember where we come from.
It is to stop. It is to feel the touch of ceramics, the wood grain or the soft cotton. It is to start a way back to the roots, to the natural, to the authentic... and feel we are at home.

Plato ovalado Sukaldea... Plato ovalado Sukaldea... 2
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Plato ovalado Sukaldea Ofelia 25.5x20.5 cm

Plato ovalado elaborado de forma artesanal con moteado efecto óxido y el texto “J’aime manger avec Ofelia” pintado a mano. Destaca por su diseño único y es perfecto como plato para servir aperitivos, quesos, plato de sushi o incluso plato para servir postres. Combina los artículos de cocina de la colección Sukaldea, aptos para lavavajillas y microondas, y...
Plato llano Sukaldea Amore... Plato llano Sukaldea Amore... 2

Plato llano Sukaldea Amore Ø23.5 cm

Plato llano ovalado elaborado de forma artesanal con ilustración vegetal y el texto “Amore” pintado a mano. Destaca por su estructura engrosada y sus bordes irregulares y el moteado con efecto óxido, lo que lo convierte en el plato perfecto para servir aperitivos, quesos o incluso plato para servir postres. Combina los artículos de cocina de nuestra...
Plato llano Sukaldea... Plato llano Sukaldea... 2
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Plato llano Sukaldea Zanahoria Ø29.5 cm

Plato llano de cerámica procesado de forma artesanal con moteado efecto óxido, bordes que presentan pequeños toques irregulares y con ilustración vegetal pintada a mano. Cada uno de nuestros platos pasa por una cuidadosa elaboración, que les confiere alta resistencia, y los hace perfectos para acompañarte a diario. Ideal para presentar tus recetas...

Unique works, painted and made by hand.

The beauty of ceramics created with the heart.

Exclusive pieces with soul

A story for your home

Today, with the accelerated pace at which everything happens, we honour and value all what flows with calm. And that's where we realize how important it is to do things slowly, taking your time. I assure you that it shows in the result. I'm not in a hurry, what about you?


Basket Emiliano

We all know the importance of baskets in the decoration of a house. Practical, comfortable and 100% decorative! In Ofelia, we give them their greatest importance through a collection full of naturalness. Emiliano is a jute basket with decorative fringes so you can enjoy an organized and pleasant home.

Decorative bottle Garden 2500 ml

Transparent glass bottle with a pharmaceutical-inspired design. It features a linen fabric label with an irregular finish and botanical-style illustration. Its vintage shape and airtight closure make it a decorative object for any room in your home. You can use it to store infusions or spices and even scented mixtures. They are perfect to be placed in...

Vase Angi

Ø21xH35 cm
We all know the importance of flowers in home decoration. But if you want them to show off their best side, choose the best vases. Elegant, warm and original, our glass flower vase Angi model has everything to enhance your decoration.

Mini vase Heriya

Mini decorative vase made of clay with an antique effect and an embossed border on its rim. The perfect decorative accessory to decorate your living room, dining room or hallway with a vintage and sophisticated touch. Add subtlety and style with our Heriya clay vase. Place a bunch of artificial flowers in it to bring a touch of personality and...
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