Furniture and textiles are essential for home decoration. Both, in their own way, give us all the functionality we need and also a lot of style. Personally, I recognize having a special predilection for chairs and rugs. I think they have great potential and I like to choose them conscientiously to play a very decorative role.

First, comfort and well-being! Because, make no mistake, the first thing we expect from them is that they are practical. Kitchen and dining chairs are authentic pillars. So much so that, without them, the basis of a house would be meaningless. Next to the tables, they are of great importance, and the more comfortable they are, the more they will be appreciated. Rugs, on the other hand, are an added value that considerably accentuates the balance. Warmth, spaciousness, and very pleasant floors... Of course, the best incentive to never lack warmth and harmony in the bosom of the home.

In a purely aesthetic aspect, the two merge perfectly. With materials, colours and finishes, they manage to enhance the atmosphere and give a lot of character to an interior. Come on, with both, you can do wonders! So, today, I set out to present you certain models that, in my opinion, have everything to make you fall in love with this wonderful combo.

Of course, and as usual, nature will always have a place in my house. And for this, wooden chairs are a real gift. Robust, timeless, bright... Words are missing to describe the charm of the Kakua and Iris models. Made of elm or birch, its refined lines and neutral colours ensure a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Two quality seats that you can easily integrate into the decoration of your rooms and that you will enjoy with tranquillity.

Softness is the key to a warm and generous home. Cotton rugs escape ostentation and give importance to delicacy. Beautiful, stylish and versatile, the Darcia model is pure sweetness! You will love its Persian pattern, its classic style and its irresistible touch. Trust me, it’ll make you feel at home as soon as you cross the doorway.

In short, any element you incorporate into your home should generate in you these feelings. A piece of furniture, a textile, an object... They live with you and are part of your little world. They reflect your tastes and are the biggest symbol of your personality. In my catalogue you will find the piece that suits you. That chair that, as soon as you see it, you imagine placed around your dining room table. Or that rug you fall in love with at first sight. Little things that change everything and make your day just by being there.

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