Every season brings something unique. Winter wraps us in its white mantle, summer seduces us with its long sunny afternoons and autumn gives us idyllic autumn landscapes. However, spring is the season I like the most, especially the month of May. 

I love May! Spring is in its full splendour and May is a gift for the senses. It is adorned by birds and by new green leaves that make their way. It is a magical moment when jasmine, roses and hydrangeas begin to sprout, filling the air with their delicate perfume and adding colour and life to my terrace. 

Decorate with flowers. The best ideas in OFELIA Home & Decor blog.

I feel my desire to live reborn. I think about this process of rebirth, of starting again, of blooming like plants and trees. The days are longer now, but they are shorter for me. Time flies by when I am with family and friends. I want more than ever to meet them, sit and enjoy under the shade of a fig tree and no longer get up until lunchtime. 

May gives us the opportunity to enjoy nature, feel the sun on our skin and connect with others in an open and comforting environment. And what excites me most is the possibility of moving the table outside, reusing my coloured glasses, my original placemats and the melamine plates that are so ideal to organize snacks under the bougainvillea. 

I have always had a soft for flowers. So, in this season when they’re radiant, I can’t resist having them around. I enjoy them both outside and inside my home. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy their splendour and share it with those who visit me. 

A basket, a vase, a decorative bottle... Freshly cut from the garden, wild or preserved, the possibilities to decorate the house with flowers are endless, the important thing is to enjoy their beauty and aroma. Today I bring you some ideas to put into practice. 

The best wicker baskets to decorate with flowers are at OFELIA Home & Decor.
Accessories and ideas to decorate with flowers at OFELIA Home & Decor.

Whenever I find myself surrounded by flowers, I feel a deep connection with nature. They help me remember that we are part of a cycle that connects everything. Their delicacy and fragility have taught me to appreciate that beauty is ephemeral, that time passes, and we must value every second. That’s why I like to give them a special place in my life. 

Wicker baskets are the perfect accessories to any home. But best of all, thanks to them, I can have all those flowers around that don’t need water. In my online store you will find realistic artificial flowers. They perfectly imitate natural flowers; their beauty is so amazing that it is difficult to distinguish them. They don’t require constant care. If you haven’t tried mixing them with some green branches yet, I encourage you to do so. You’ll be surprised how beautiful these compositions are. 

Decorative bottles by OFELIA Home & Decor to decorate with flowers.
Decorative glass bottles by OFELIA Home & Decor to decorate with flowers.

Decorative bottles are a perfect accessory to highlight the beauty of a beautiful bouquet of freshly cut flowers. Whether to decorate the dining table, the hall or any corner of the house. It will always be a detail that will attract attention and create a welcoming atmosphere. 

Decorative glass bottles with narrow necks are ideal for placing a single stem, which gives the flower a special prominence. I love to wear them with large flowers, like sunflowers. However, to enjoy their splendour, we must be patient and wait for them to bloom at their proper time. In the meantime, I usually put in a couple of zinnias. There is a wide range of colours to choose from, and their sweet fragrance fills my home with an irresistible aroma.

Vases by OFELIA Home & Decor for home decoration with flowers.
Glass vases by OFELIA Home & Decor for home decoration with flowers.

And, finally, of course, I couldn’t forget the vases, because they seem to me a really special accessory. A bouquet of preserved flowers in a glass vase is always a success in decoration. 

In my brand, Ofelia, you will find a wide variety of designs and sizes. From the largest and most striking, perfect to embrace your seasonal floral arrangements, to the smallest and delicate, ideal to place some leaves or flowers in the centre of the table during a meal. 

We enter the time where nature is most beautiful and exuberant. It smells of spring and the flowers show their striking colours. They give us their beauty and aroma so that our interiors become dazzling. Choose the ones that inspire you and get some of our accessories to enjoy them at home. It will be successful!

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