It seems that spring has come early and is giving us some sunny days to finish the last weeks of winter. This is the time when I start thinking about changing my wardrobe, and also about how to furnish the terrace. I will enjoy calm breakfasts or a coffee there, read while sunbathing and also have lunches and dinners with family and friends. Whether it's a large terrace or a balcony, outdoor spaces bring a lot of life to the house. I think it is always worth enjoying these spaces especially during these months, when the weather is not too hot.

But before I think about outdoor furniture, textiles or lighting, I always do what is known as spring cleaning. It is true that it is a rather boring job, but I also consider it very necessary and there are even studies that consider it a good way to get rid of stress. Personally, I certainly find the result worth it. It brings me a lot of calm to start preparing my terrace for this spring with the cleaned-up area and the winter's possible damages fixed.

Once this task is finished, comes my favourite part, furnishing. Outdoor furniture is key to making your terrace a comfortable and functional space. It is essential to think not only of the available space, but also of the use you want to make of it. It is not the same to dress up a small balcony, where you can enjoy a cup of tea with a book in the open air, or to have a space for socialising with friends, or to have a chill out terrace. It is important to adapt the patio furniture to the available space, so that it makes the area more pleasant without overloading it. As for me, my space allows to create an outdoor lounge, where I can enjoy an after-dinner chat, a snack and, best of all, a good conversation. A rattan set with a sofa, armchairs and table is my best ally to achieve this. I have also selected some auxiliary furniture to make the space more versatile. If you choose outdoor furniture made of light materials, such as vegetable fibres, it will be easier to achieve this. They also add a natural touch and help to keep fresh air flowing.

To make your terrace one of the most welcoming areas of your home, don't forget three elements: textiles, plants and lighting. Textiles can increase warmth and create a sense of home just by their presence. Cushions add colour and comfort. A throw is essential, whether you decide to enjoy your terrace in the early morning or late afternoon. Carpets give a second chance to those floors that are somewhat deteriorated and also allow you to extend the area of enjoyment if you decide to add some floor cushions.

Just as you can't imagine a spring without flowers, don't do without them when decorating your terrace with plants. They give an atmosphere full of naturalness and freshness, as well as helping to achieve privacy, not to mention their high decorative power. Remember that if you are not very good at growing plants, you can always use artificial or dried flowers. And you won't have to worry about watering them when you go on holiday.

I love to enjoy my terrace not only during the day, but also at night, especially when it is warm during the day. With careful lighting you will have a very pleasant atmosphere and, if you add subtle lighting, it can even be magical. Candles, lanterns, candlesticks, table lamps will help you to achieve this and are elements that you can also use indoors when the summer is over.

I can't wait for spring to arrive. I think it's a real privilege to have a terrace where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine. That is why, don't doubt to dedicate some time to decorate it, no matter how small it is. Personalise it according to your preferences and uses, make the most of these weeks to give your terrace a makeover and turn it into your favourite place at home.

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