In my home decoration I like to express my personality and my own style, and for that accessories play a main role. Adding decorative elements to a room is enhancing its character and filling it with charm. Every small detail we decide to incorporate should make us feel well, because our home should convey the best sensations, and it is not only a priority, but a must in decoration.

First and foremost, I advise you not to close your creativity, and dare with those small accessories that maybe you thought they didn’t add much and that in the end they can help you get what you’re looking for. If you still believe that home design has to do only with the distribution of spaces and the placement of furniture, it is time to discover my decoration section, because you do not know what you are missing...

The most important thing is that all must flow in harmony, that there is a variety of objects, but you mustn’t have a big number of elements that can ruin your purpose. For example, on the coffee table in the living room some scented candles, a vintage or antique candlesholder, a decorative bowl… It will depend on the size of the table, but with these three decorative accessories, you do not need much more to give a touch of warmth, style and beauty to your relaxing moments on the sofa.

The pieces of furniture where you must always put décor accessories are shelving or wall racks, like those I show you in the images. They are ideal to keep your books always at hand, but also to place some objects or artistic pieces to accompany them. I have already talked about candles and candleholders because they can suit any room and any style, so I don’t mind repeating it. There are many other accessories that will do too, of course. Papier-mâché and terracotta vases are perfect to add an artisanal touch. Finally, with the backlit technique you can turn the whole set into a beautiful focal point.

Papier-mâché vases are also a good décor idea on an entryway cabinet, a chest of drawers in the bedroom or an auxiliary piece in the corridor. They are simple and bring texture to the decoration. Nevertheless, on this type of furniture a table lamp never should be missing; choose a visually powerful design and you will get a beautiful effect. If there is enough space, look for a picture and lean it on it… You will create a stunning composition!

Whatever your accessories may be, the most important thing is that your home evolves with you, feeling always and in every corner a harmony in line with its design and decoration. Decorative objects can allow you to make changes with ease to adapt each room. What is more, with them your will give a privileged place to your personality, and it is what you will like the most.

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