Easter is a time of rebirth, hope and joy, so it is a great time to gather and celebrate life. The Holy Week gives us those long-awaited holidays, but it is also a way of welcoming the spring. That is why it is a wonderful excuse to celebrate it with a table decoration that pays tribute to nature in bloom, accompanied by the typical Spanish dessert of this time. Undoubtedly this is the best scenario for more relaxed moments and meals outdoors, because we have more time, and the days are longer.

You know that, for me, sharing around a table is always a fantastic option and, of course, a perfect plan for the Easter holidays. If you lack inspiration, don’t worry because Lupe Herrera will help you dress and give flavour to these days with an Easter table decoration as delicious as fun. So, you will celebrate spring as it deserves.

Preparing a spring table allows us to find a funnier and more colourful style. Easter decoration is characterised by being especially cheerful, with pastel colours as protagonists, along with decorative elements such as flowers and the typical Easter eggs. If you want to unleash your creativity this is a good time to do it.

Nature, the best setting

Imagine a table set in a natural landscape, surrounded by flowering trees and a pleasant breeze caressing your skin. This idyllic setting is the perfect backdrop for your Easter meal, creating a fresh and spring atmosphere that invites you to relax and enjoy the moment. If the weather doesn’t allow to be outdoors, you can celebrate it indoors and decorate with flowers and plant arrangements that convey the feeling of nature. Just adding some green twigs and objects such as baskets made of wicker, rattan or cotton, you can simulate nests placing some eggs. You will enhance your table decoration.

To enhance this rustic style, instead of a traditional tablecloth, Lupe has opted for placemats made of natural fibers. These textiles bring a wild and welcoming touch to the table, perfectly complementing the natural framework that surrounds us. You can accompany them with cotton napkins in powdery tones. Pastel colours, such as pink, yellow, mint green or blue, are refreshing and evoke the sense of rebirth that characterizes spring.

To balance this colour palette, nothing better than my Boheme crockery. Far what you might think, white crockery can become an eye-catcher, thanks to its elegance and traditional touch, with its decorative details and irregular edge, which give it a romantic air. It will be also easier to combine it with pieces from other collections, such as the Attic, which enhances the vintage character of both, along with cups in blue colour. The neutral tone and design of the cake plate of the Boheme collection is the focal point of this table, where the traditional Easter dessert, the Spanish Mona de Pascua, elaborated by Lupe Herrera, is presented for this occasion.

As you can see, every detail has been carefully selected to create a welcoming and charming atmosphere. If you follow these Easter table décor ideas, you will see that it is very easy to get it. So, share and enjoy a delicious outdoor meal to welcome a season full of joy and renewal. Happy holiday!

Cup with plate Boheme

Ceramic teacup with plate. Matt white colour, decorative embossed details and irregular edge... The most delicate piece of the entire Boheme collection. Discover this elegant crockery and experience the new pleasures of table decoration with us.

Round woven palm leaf placemat Nanawa brown Ø30cm

Round placemat made of woven palm leaves. Its natural finish combines in a discreet and harmonious way with the touch of colour of the brown interwoven ribbon. Decorate and protect your table with this natural fibre product.

Large ceramic jug Attic, glossy

Large ceramic jug of classic and timeless design. This accessory is perfect for milk in your breakfasts, snacks and tables with tea or coffee. You have different colors to choose and combine with the rest of the tableware.
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Ceramic platter Boheme

When planning a celebration, it is important to pay attention to all the details, including the table service. A way to create a beautiful and exclusive table is to use elegant crockery. Boheme is a traditional white crockery that enhances the atmosphere and creates a sense of grandeur. It features pieces like this beautiful oval ceramic tray, an...

Set of 4 cotton cloth napkins Nekane

Set of 4 napkins made of cotton. Its different shades stripes design, available in several colors, gives it a classic and ageless touch. You can combine them to play with chromatism on your table.
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