When the weather is warm, we really want to be outside, even if we are at home. We want to enjoy our terrace, garden and, why not, if you don't have much outdoor space, a balcony or window.

Just because cevery house is different, we show you different alternatives that may suit your tastes and also your available space. We give you two basic ideas on which to decorate the space to suit you, on the one hand, sets of garden furniture and, on the other, folding outdoor furniture.

If you are lucky enough to have a large terrace, garden or porch, a set of outdoor furniture made from natural materials is your best ally. Our favourite is undoubtedly our Borghese set of table, sofa and 2 armchairs. Made of cane and rattan, it is perfect for relaxing, reading or enjoying an aperitif, as it has the essential elements for the design of your outdoor corner.

From here you can add extra textiles such as cushions or rugs to add more comfort and make it more welcoming, you can also place a parasol to protect you in the hours when the sun is hot, baskets to keep the place tidy, flowerpots to gain freshness, ...

If your home allows it, you can also add a set of dining table and chairs, such as our Loulé bamboo set. As it can be folded you can leave it assembled or put it away, creating a multifunctional space, with corners for different activities, thanks to versatile furniture and decorative elements. Give priority according to your tastes and the activities you usually do at home.

If, on the contrary, you don't have a large space, no worries, there are options that easily adapt to your needs. Here folding outdoor furniture is the key. While maintaining their design and decorative character, they are very practical and allow you to use your terrace or balcony in a flexible way, taking up as little space as possible both for your enjoyment and for storage: chairs, tables, sun loungers,... Different combinations are available, find yours.

The great thing about their light weight is that they can be used in all circumstances, both indoors and outdoors. . Our folding parasols and sun loungers are also perfect for going to the pool, the beachor enjoying a day in the countryside.

Remember: folding is not the same as being boring. Add your personality with textiles such as cushions and rugs, candles,... and don't forget the auxiliary furniture can have various uses such as stools, poufs, baskets with trays, as well as the power of the walls. These will allow you to place shelves, flowerpots, candle holders,... Below are some examples.

No matter the type of terrace you have, don't forget that the most important thing is to think about how you are going to enjoy it to distribute the space efficiently and coherently for the use you want to make of it. Finally, mix and match the materials and colours according to your own style, play and bring your summer corner to life!

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