Spring is a wonderful time, isn’t it? The truth is that all seasonal changes have some special charm. But spring has something that makes us fall in love with it. We can experience nature more intensely. Birds sing and plants bloom. Even the atmosphere around us is different, and it’s nice when the breeze caresses our skin.

That’s why I think spring is perfect to relive customs and habits we usually do in good weather. Undoubtedly, it is the season for picnics: romantic, boho style, birthday... I am sure that there is a picnic for every occasion as it is the best outdoor plan to enjoy the good weather in a dream environment. In addition, being a more informal meeting than a meal at home, its organization is simpler without the rush to quickly serve the food or take the dirty dishes to the kitchen.

And, of course, you don’t have to give up style to make your picnic a delight for both the palate and the eye. If you need inspiration, do not worry because Lupe Herrera brings us picnic ideas to make it easier to assemble yours and shows us how a table decoration can stand out also on the floor. Are you ready?

The starting point for any picnic is a good tablecloth. You should opt for a high-quality cotton tablecloth, which is soft to the touch and easy to wash. Lupe has opted for a checkered tablecloth in neutral tones along with cotton napkins in line with it. This pattern is never out of style and combines perfectly with any type of tableware.

Enamel crockery is an ideal choice. This type of tableware is not only durable and light, but also has a retro charm that makes everyone fall in love with it. Its white colour with black edges adds a vintage touch to the set, which complements the choice of textiles, creating a harmonious atmosphere, without losing the practicality necessary for an outdoor meal. If you use crystal glasses, you will also get an extra touch of elegance.

You know it’s the details that make the difference. If you replace a jug with a rustic style glass bottle you will enhance the country style of the landscape. For comfort, do not forget some floor cushions that match the linens and choose a wicker basket to transport what you need.

And finally, we must think about the food. The perfect culmination of this decoration is a cake carefully prepared by Lupe with the fruit par excellence of the season, the cherry. Each bite of this delicious dessert is a journey through flavours that celebrates the freshness and sweetness of spring.

Cotton tablecloth Bolena medium size 120x160 cm

Tablecloth, made in cotton, checkered designs in various sizes and with original fringes. In Ofelia we want to return to the tables dressed with cloth tablecloths, to reusable, sustainable pieces that bring warmth and elegance to your dinners and meetings. Both for your day to day life and to dress your dining room or kitchen table for those special...

Chair cushion Siara

Make your seating more comfortable and full of personality with our Siara chair cushions - your guests will love them! Made of 100% cotton with a polyester filling for extra comfort. A soft and fluffy seat cushion with a ribbon for tying.

Set of 4 cotton cloth napkins Bolena checks

Set of 4 napkins made of cotton, with a checkered design in different sizes. Fabrics are returning in decoration to regain the importance they lost for a few years. Choose cotton napkins, reusable, and sustainable napkins with timeless designs such as our Bolena napkins, pleasant to the touch, which will enhance the decoration of your table. Their design,...

Enamel mug Yaya

Enamelled steel mug with mottled finish and coloured edge. Give a vintage touch to your table with this classic piece and create your tableware by combining the different models, plates, glasses and bowls. Available with the border in different colours: green, red and black.

Seaweed basket Agna Ø30xH45 cm

Basket crafted in braided Seaweed. It will help to keep your bedroom and living room tidy. Its handle will make it easy to use and its handmade weaving will give your home a rustic touch.

Enamel flat plate Yaya medium size Ø20 cm

Enamelled steel flat plate with mottled finish and coloured edge. Give a vintage touch to your table with this classic piece and create your tableware by combining the different models, cups, glasses and bowls.
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