Since the creation of my brand, I have come across many people who share my passion and encourage my inspiration. Therefore, whenever I have the opportunity, I love to talk about them and echo their fantastic work. 

Lupe Herrera is a great admirer of Ofelia, and I am of her great talent for gastronomy. Passionate about pastries and flowers, she has already collaborated in the Ofelia Kitchen section and in the decoration of a very special table for Valentine’s Day. 

Preparing, decorating and celebrating... I like to say that, together, we do wonderful things. She, with her incredible ability to mix flavours and colours; and I, providing the best textile and tableware. 

For all these reasons, I was very happy to have her back for the celebration of Mother’s Day next Sunday. May 5. And to be honest, the result could not be more wonderful. 

A bucolic landscape and a table decorated with passion: such is our vision of such a special moment. Lupe, mother of two girls, put all her attention on creating and endearing and very personal setting, where design and culinary art merge. 

Without artifice, but with a lot of tenderness. This Mother’s Day table is a true declaration of pampering and good taste. And best of all, it also welcomes May, a month that rhymes with flowers and beautiful spring environments.

Without artifice, but with a lot of tenderness. This Mother’s Day table is a true declaration of pampering and good taste.
Discover the table decorated by Lupe Herrera for Ofelia Home & Decor.

It also takes us to the outside of a small rural house, with nature in its maximum splendour. A family table the main protagonist of which is a delicious homemade cake prepared by Lupe and highlighted by the beauty of the handmade plates chosen especially for the occasion.    

With their earth tones and natural pigments, the ceramic plates from my Evora collection create an immediate artistic effect. Next to them, the elegance of the Acalia drinking glasses; the softness of the Ingrid cotton napkins and, of course; the most natural touch of the Nanawa placemats. 

The truth is that it is gorgeous. I’m sure you can imagine it: a quiet and intimate afternoon to enjoy with family and celebrate with the five senses. With Ofelia, Mother’s Day will become more idyllic than ever. 

Simple and friendly: there are Lupe Herrera’s table decorations. And I am increasingly pleased to see how some items from my catalogue take on prominence when she uses them. 

Every design, every colour and texture... All has been thoroughly designed so that the decoration and cuisine come together around the table and give us unique and unforgettable experiences.

At Ofelia, we love table decoration, even more in special events such as the Mother's Day.
A table decoration for Mother's Day. Ofelia Home & Decor.
By Lupe Herrea, discover a beautiful table decoration where the tableware and the textiles from my catalogue give off their greatest charm.
A beautiful table settting, ideal to celebrate Mother's Day.

Flat plate Evora

Flat plate made in Portugal by ceramists with a long tradition in the artisan creation of tableware. Its vibrant and cheerful pigments, its relief and irregular edge give it great appeal and elegance. Eating on such refined crockery will make you feel like you’re in a fancy restaurant.

Glass Acalia 400 ml

One of the newest trends in table glassware are embossed transparent crystal glasses. If you are looking ways to get creative and elegant table decorations, trust in our Acalia model. A beautiful glass with textures that invite to touch. These glasses are made through a special technique that gives them a unique and attractive look.

Set of 4 cotton cloth napkins Ingrid

Set of 4 napkins made of yarn-dyed cotton, so the colours stay bright after washing. Fabrics have regained the importance in decoration they lost a few years ago. Choose cotton napkins, reusable, and sustainable napkins with timeless designs such as our Ingrid napkins, which are pleasant to the touch and will enhance the decoration of your table. Their...
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