The most romantic date of the year is coming and although I always say that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated every day, the truth is that February 14 is a perfect date to reconnect with the magic of the most intimate moments. Now, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive dinners. I encourage you to do something different this time in the warmth and comfort of your home. If you want to escape the burdens and the daily hustle and bustle, you will think this idea as the ideal plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

This year I want to make it easier for you and that’s why I counted on the best companion, Lupe Herrera, who you will already know, for her delicious pastry recipes, which you can find in Ofelia Kitchen. Lupe has prepared a very special dessert, these Berlin cream with strawberries, but she has also prepared a table decoration for Valentine’s Day, which is a true delight. If you lack ideas for the rest of the menu you can find inspiration in the recipes section or order dinner at home, so you will have more time to finalize all the details to create an intimate atmosphere.

The truth is that a careful decoration can transform an everyday dinner into an extraordinary celebration, so these tips to decorate your table on Valentine’s Day are so important. 

Awaken all the senses

Sight and smell take on special prominence to let sensuality surface. Just choose some flowers and candles to transform your space. Remember to place them strategically, with beautiful candlesticks or candle holders, to create a very suggestive indirect lighting. You can also add some scented candles.

All in red

Using red as an eye-catcher and thread is another key on how to decorate your table on Valentine’s Day. For this you can play with more intense colour strokes, such as strawberries, and more powdery tones in textiles and glassware. The cups and glasses from the Chantilly collection and the Calm tablecloths and napkins allow you to create this combination easily. The tableware will be responsible for balancing the composition with a more refined design and a neutral colour. The Milos collection is definitely a good choice.

And if you want to make this celebration an experience to remember, you can leave on your partner’s chair one of our artisanal notebooks. Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to express your feelings, don’t you think? If, in addition, you accompany it with one of my gift packs for Valentine’s Day, you will surprise twice over.

Ceramic dinner plate Milos Ø27 cm

Ceramic dinner plate, hand-glazed in matt light grey with small irregular details. Our Milos dinner plate stands out for its organic shape and rustic style. Each of the items in our Milos tableware is unique because of their careful handcrafted ceramic process, which makes them highly resistant and perfect for everyday use. Plates are more than just a...

Mango tray Lujan large Ø40.5 cm

Round tray manufactured in mango wood. The handcrafted production process and the irregularities of the wood grain make each tray unique. Its strength and lightness make it practical, easy to store and highly durable. Our tray is ideal for serving tea, coffee, snacks or any other type of food. Besides its varied functionality, it is a perfect tray for use...

Stem glass Chantilly 300 ml

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Glass cup in a swet liquor shape and ribbed rib with border. Decorated cups made with translucent glass in different colors: olive, pink and blue. Complete your glassware with Chantilly glass cups.
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Set of 4 cotton cloth napkins Calm

Set of 4 napkins manufactured in cotton. Its simple design, available in a variety of colours, gives it a seasonless character. You can give an original touch to your table by mixing the different shades of colour and using a plain or printed tablecloth.

Candle holder Loan

When you light a candle and enjoy the moment it seems that the world stops and there is only that instant. Enjoy the magic of its flames and its aromas with this charming candle holder made of golden iron and tinted glass details. A small and simple decorative candle holder that will become a great item for aromatherapy lovers.

Cuaderno Big Beetle 17.5x12.5 cm

Cuaderno de papel de algodón elaborado a mano de manera artesanal. Resalta la ilustración de su portada con motivos naturales y texto manuscrito que pontencia su estilo handmade. Un bonito accesorio de papelería.
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