It is important to be prepared for the summer. You have probably already started to revamp your backyard and renewed some chairs or textiles. No one likes a hot patio area without any shade. If you are lucky to have an outdoor space at home, you should also think of converting your patio or terrace in a shaded area before the intense heat begins. All you need is to install an outdoor umbrella. It is the perfect accessory for your patio furnishing, as it creates a pleasant and cooler atmosphere, as well as shading you from the most intense hours of sunshine.

Parasols are a summer classic. An unconditional ally which should never miss around the pool, to read or take a nap on the sun lounger; or in the chill out area to extend the after-dinner conversation and relax. Thanks to its versatility and decorative character, it plays a fundamental role in redesigning your patio. It not only protects us from the sun, but it also protects the furniture and brightens your patio space. That's why I was especially thrilled to create a collection of parasols so that I could bring my lifestyle to every moment and corner of your home.
The Nyale parasol collection is inspired by nature. Hence its casual style and calm design, like the characteristic tranquillity of the occasions on which it is enjoyed. It is designed to be used in any outdoor space, thanks to the stability provided by the tripod-shaped support, and to the 8 fibreglass rods. They are very easy to carry and store, something important if you don't have a lot of space, as they have a bag-like case designed to match.

As you can see, I have not only considered their strength and size, but also their waterproof fabric, which includes UV protection, another key factor when choosing the perfect umbrella. Style and personality are a must, which is why this collection features different striped and floral colourful designs. These prints and their fringed finish give a certain retro touch, which you can complete with some folding deck loungers from the same collection. And if you want to take the Ofelia Home & Decor spirit out of the house, don't forget that these models are also available in beach umbrellas. So now you know, in the absence of a good tree, there's nothing better than a good umbrella.


Patio parasol Nyale

Ø200xH265 cm
Patio parasol made of high-quality polyester canvas, with a metal stand. Our stylish parasol has a diameter of 200 cm, which can cover tables and chairs, protects from UV rays and keeps you cool on hot summer days.

Deck chair Nyale

100x57xH72 cm
Relax outdoors... Our Nyale folding deck chair will make it easy this summer. With its beech wood structure, its seat made from polyester fabric and the three-position adjustable backrest, the rest is more than guaranteed. The best? We have four beautiful patterns available...

Beach parasol Nyale

Ø182xH230 cm
You were waiting for it! Be the first one to enjoy this summer with our Nyale beach parasol, made of high-quality waterproof polyester. It is the ideal accessory for your beach days. A beech wood pole, eight fibreglass rods, a bag for storage and an original design with fringes. Stability, resistance, protection and, above all, a style...
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