For sure I'm not the only one who, with the changing of the seasons, feels like renewing the decoration of the house. With spring in full swing and summer fast approaching, I'm opting for cosy, serene and fresh spaces that feature a harmonious combination of colours. You may be thinking that this could be a big expense.

However, I promise you that it is possible to transform the decoration of your home without spending a lot of money. If you're wondering how, keep reading for ideas on how to redecorate your home with fabric. Indeed, because rugs, cushions and plaids offer great decorative results with just a few small changes that you can apply to any room.

Fabrics, such as bed linen, cushions or table linen, are the best choice when you want to completely change a room on a small budget. They give a special touch to every room and are so versatile that you can change them every so often. Don't hesitate and take note of these tips to dress up your home.

Change your bedroom by changing your bedding

The way you dress your bed can completely change the way you perceive your bedroom. In the summer season, warm colours, such as yellow or terracotta, are a fantastic option to give a touch of vitality to the room. For a calmer atmosphere, powdery tones are a good alternative. You can also choose to go for prints. Another option is a floral-patterned quilt, which will bring a lively touch to your room. They also go very well with other elements in solid tones. For example, if you add some cushions in plain colours, you will create a unique contrast.

The bedroom is a very important area of the house, so it is essential to create an atmosphere that is pleasant and encourages rest. The fabrics should be light, and the atmosphere should be as relaxing as possible.

Cushions, the best complement when decorating with fabrics

Decorating with cushions is a simple solution to give your home a new look. They are an interesting decorative element because they can create a great visual effect at a low cost. Tremendously versatile, cushions can help you renew all types of rooms, placing them on the bed, on the sofa in the living room, on the chairs in the dining room, on the sun lounger on the terrace and even on the floor to create a chill-out area. The perfect fabric if you want to add touches of colour and prints to a neutral decor.

Renew the living room with rugs

And who says the living room, says the whole house. When it comes to dressing and changing my home, rugs are a fundamental element as they can be easily fitted into any space. The best thing about them is that they add style to a room, as well as making it more welcoming.

Jute rugs, made of natural fibres, are ideal to replace the warm woollen rugs of winter.

My Korla, Yarawa and Quianay collections are embroidered with geometric or floral motifs in cotton, which add a touch of originality with a certain boho touch. They can also contribute to a more rustic or even exotic style, depending on their design. According to these characteristics and size, you can use them in the sofa area or to delimit the dining room. If you like vintage-inspired spaces, you can always opt for worn effect rugs or, if your tastes run more towards decoration with oriental touches, Persian-style rugs will be your favourite textile.

Now that I spend more time on the terrace and in the garden, outdoor rugs are a must-have for me. I can walk barefoot with complete peace of mind, and if you combine them with other textiles, you can get a very interesting set.
Don't forget the transit areas such as corridors or hallways. You can completely change the look of these areas with a rug. And if you add a decorative piece, they will be the eye-catcher.

Floor cushions, the decoration at your feet

Floor cushions increase the surface of your seating areas, as well as brighten up a drab décor, and give it a new look without too much effort. They offer enormous possibilities as you can use them as additional seating in the living room, for your reading corner, in the children's room, or on the terrace... They are a perfect solution if you don't have a lot of space, as they make it easy to develop different uses in the same room.

If you are thinking about renewing the decoration of your home, don't hesitate. Textiles offer you a wide range of possibilities. With them you will get your home to reflect the colours, joy and light that this time of the year brings. If you don't know where to start, browse my online shop and choose the rugs, cushions, tablecloths, or bedspreads that best suit your style.

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